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GOLD: You Can’t Handle the Truth.

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Inflation Is Likely to Stay +10% This Decade

Have you ever seen those movies, where the rafting boat or a kayak or a little fishing boat is featured, the people on board are casually drinking beer or talking amongst themselves, and then one of them detects the noise of rushing water?

Then, the drone pulls away from the close-up footage, climbs and still a calm and serene river is shown, but then the drone zooms out even more and, for the first time, you see the mother of all waterfalls or a rapid-4/5 boulder system that means certain death.

Well, Powell and Biden (and us) are on that boat and we haven’t zoomed out enough.

For now, some of us hear the roar of the gushing water, but most have not jumped ship or rowed to the banks of the river or even changed course… most have perhaps tightened the life vest or just have a queasy feeling in their stomach, but as a whole, very little has been recognized to understand what lies ahead.

Some of us look at Captains Powell and Biden and see that they’re probably mediocre at best and recognize that they’re made of flesh and bones, just like you are. They are capable of making erratic mistakes and others don’t trust them at all – a result of years of dissatisfaction – and actually think they are purposefully leading the boat to oblivion, since they must have some escape plan.

Others actually trust the captains for the most part, and think that even though some waterfalls are crazy, it’s just the nature of the river, but that in the long-term, the ride is getting better, even if there are hiccups along the journey.

Globalization between 1945 and 1992 was about eliminating the threat of the Soviet Union and the spread of communism around the globe, where government power would dictate your life and you’d have no freedoms whatsoever, no control over your personal destiny.

When the Soviet Union fell, just like in the days of Napoleon, who was first viewed as a liberator and then as a parasitic conqueror who overstayed his welcome, hyper-globalization (1992-2020) turned the tables on the who the villains are.

Many Americans became super-critical of their own government and foreign policy, pointing out that meddling in global affairs is creating enemies and wasting precious taxpayer money, mortgaging future generations.

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    The end of globalization was sealed with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, under the reasoning that NATO is advancing and reaching the borders of Russia, threatening a sovereign nation. Next, the flow of cheap oil and gas, which was the posterchild of Europe’s “Long Peace,” came to an end with the blow-up of Nord Stream. Now, every country is taking stock and counting the inventory of what they actually own, control and produce on their own.

    The global economic system is rapidly moving away from cost-efficiency, sourcing a product only from where it is manufactured in the most seamless fashion to sourcing it from where it could be reliably delivered, without political drama.

    In this new world, the one created by the reset, commodities will not be cheap and neither will gold. If we have entered a 5-10-year span, where all of the world’s crucial supply chains will get re-written, inflation is very likely to remain at double-digits.

    I don’t care so much about the nominal price of gold and silver, as much as I care about their relative price. This is an important topic and that’s what I’m going to explain on Tuesday, because it is the key to this entire bull thesis on precious metals.

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    Lior Gantz

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