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Gold To Hit $2,000 By March 2022

In 5th grade, a female classmate of mine was tasked with creating a school project about the risks of smoking. She was an amazing pupil and I knew that her work would be comprehensive and really insightful. I’m talking about the year 1995, so no World Wide Web to access endless testimonials or printable images, but rather more legwork of going to the library, photocopying dirty lungs, newspaper clips of cancer cases and collecting real-life quotes from doctors and such.

She had gotten a firsthand account from people in hospitals, from addicts and even spoke with grocery store operators about cigarettes and addictions.

Her school project was amazing, and flipping through its pages, I knew that I never wanted to touch a cigarette in my entire life, an achievement for which I credit her, since I have never smoked one.

Years later, awareness to the dangers of cigarette smoking were made even more apparent with regulations over warning verbiage that specifies what is likely to happen to one who smokes; the actual pack of smokes says you could die from this!

In other countries, gruesome images of smoke-filled lungs are displayed on the back of the pack.

If one’s a smoker, he has been told what the gravest of risks are, what the likelihood of him suffering severe health issues is, how this product is damaging to his body and that it is addictive. Basically, he knows that he is willingly spending money on self-sabotage, yet this industry exists, selling in the billions of dollars and to all demographics.

All the regulations placed upon the manufacturers and consumers have not stopped it, so clearly there is a dynamic that is more powerful than the educating forces and roadblocks that governments impose on consumers.

This exact human puzzle and enigma, that of a behavioral pattern that seemingly defies all logic, is what kills many traders in whatever sector of the market they’re invested in and puts them in the wrong, even as they remain cynical to the changes around them.

“I’m right,” they say, and “In time, everyone else will flock my way.”

They create such a logical chain of events, such a strong case as to why what they envision must be next, that it’s next to impossible for them to part ways with the script they’ve formed, a most unfortunate mental block.

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    Nothing is worth clinging to in the markets, except for that pure and succinct feeling you get when you know that you’ve got the pulse of the market (not that the market has your pulse).

    If you want to make big money over the course of your life, stop betting on something and waiting for the markets to agree. Instead, start looking for inflection points, particular moments when things change towards a trend that you understand, then exploit and capitalize.

    Just like cigarette warnings, the markets have received gigantic and numerous cautionary advice about inflation and how big of an issue it is presently.

    The market has not ignored these, but it may not have reacted to these warnings, as you would’ve expected. Trading and investing in a profitable manner is the result of allowing flexibility of mind to strive for truth, not at looking for the market to announce that your version of how things should be is correct.

    For nearly a year-and-a-half, silver stackers have been pounding the table: “Inflation! Don’t you see this is out of control? Manipulation! Why isn’t silver $100/ounce? There must be an invisible hand at work.”

    Would it not have been more profitable to understand that the millennials put money into Bitcoin instead? It would have been, since one’s account would be exploding!

    Now, for the first time since January, the market has confirmed that silver’s price deserves to be higher. We have a distinctive bullish pattern, since silver bounced off support at $22/ounce. This is great for mining stocks, but if one CLINGS ONTO this trend, denying its weakening, once it occurs, he’ll be left HOLDING THE BAG.

    Commodities and commodity stocks are cyclical beasts, racehorses ready to run like crazy, but similarly ready to slow down and turn into stubborn mules.

    It’s your job to be alert to these changes and if you can’t, you will have more problems than victories.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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