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The Deadliest Ever – It Gives me the Creeps

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No, It’s Not the Hydrogen Bomb

It is estimated that more than 100 billion human beings have experienced life on our beautiful planet including the eight billion that are breathing at this very moment.

They teach us about the great empires of the past like the Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Barbarians, and even current nations like that U.S., but the most expansive and broadest empire that wreaked havoc on our world wasn’t human at all…

It is estimated to have taken the lives of over 1.5 billion people, including many kings, queens, tribal chiefs, and other important figures who died from its atrocious effects. This continued until one man focused on ending this empire and enlisted every nation in the world for the task both friend and foe.

Records say that as far back as ancient Egypt, smallpox had killed pharaohs. This disease spared no one as it spread through the millenniums and brought about more suffering than any other virus known to man.

In 30% of the cases, people experienced muscle pain, their skin falling off, constant fatigue, blindness, and total immune system collapse, and there was no cure!

This was the most disastrous and threatening weapon ever inflicted on mankind.

One’s body would be forever scarred if they made it through. Women could not have babies after getting sick and recovering. This was horrific, and when it made its way through the Roman Empire, it is estimated that about 10 million lost their lives, and their army was never the same.

Yes, smallpox played a crucial role in the fall of Rome.

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    As humans continued their quest to expand and rode their horses and sailed ships from one area to another, the plague reached epic proportions in medieval times. Today, historians and researchers have concluded that a tenth of Europeans died from it.

    Before European settlers came to North America, the population of natives was over 20 million. The import of smallpox, of which the native Americans had no prior encounter, resulted in mortality rates so high that the overall headcount was about 2 million after a few years, a 90% wipeout.

    It was so deadly that biological warfare via sending the enemy forces equipment infected with smallpox became a tactic. In fact, when the American Revolutionary War was taking place, key battles were lost to the British who purposely spread it to the opposing side.

    If successful, the U.S.A. would not have existed, and North America would probably be divided by the British and French today.

    If you looked at the damage that Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and other ruthless leaders of the 20th century unleashed on the world, you would come close to the number of fatalities and casualties smallpox had brought about in the 20th century. After all of this, no one gets smallpox anymore.

    How did humans defeat their greatest existential threat ever and the worst of all diseases?

    A few key individuals are in charge of the most wonderful campaign to save human lives we have ever seen. Please read our Thursday publication to learn how we eradicated the worst disease mankind ever dealt with.

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