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Most people never dig deep into their internal worlds.

It takes far too much mental effort to explore ourselves and reveal and define our weaknesses, our worst fears, our greatest worries, and our least productive habits than it is to watch another episode of our favorite TV show.

Every day is either a success or a failure, and by throwing away 4 hours a day towards useless entertainment, we have a crisis of productivity in most nations today.

Two individuals who know quite a bit about wealth generation are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. They have a combined $180B in net worth. 

It would take the average person working in the western world, earning $50,000 a year, an accumulative 2,000,000 years to reach that fortune, even if they didn’t spend a dime.

How did these two manage to pull it off, using the same laws of economics of saving and investing, and with the same physical necessities of sleeping, eating, and resting that we all live by?

Bill’s father asked the two one day to write their No. 1 cause of success on a piece of paper, and on the count of three to turn their pages over simultaneously. What do you suppose they wrote, after careful thought, as their primary success principle?

The answer should be encouraging to you because you already possess this principle and can amplify and implement it, as they did, as a firm and solid habit.

It was focus.

No man, community, city, country, or species can advance or create wealth without it, and too many today lack it entirely. 

Here’s the most important element of staying focused that I’ve found.

Focus is most efficient when you are totally taking yourself out of the equation!

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    We advance in life by providing value to others and getting paid for doing so. Therefore, your focus needs to always be on the customer.

    Merely selling goods or services and making the matter a purely emotionless transaction with a customer, taking his money, giving him good value, and letting him go feeling that you had no interest in the matter beyond a fair and profitable deal is the No. 1 reason businesses go under.

    Instead, focus on giving him the feeling that you have a personal interest in him and his needs and want to help him increase his life experience, and your business or your area of responsibility within the business you are working at will thrive.

    Since focus is so ignored these days, your lively interest in the man in front of you will be so visible that you’ll be able to advance yourself in no time.

    Forget about yourself – focus on others and how you can help them, and I guarantee that in 3-5 years, you’ll be living the life you deserve.

    But not unless you follow one more rule…

    Focus isn’t worth anything unless you know exactly why you’re doing it.

    It is extremely difficult to stay focused in light of apparent stagnation – if a week or two goes by and nothing has materially changed, you’ll go back to your old habits of just getting things done without going the extra mile, and you’ll lose ground again. This is the disease all European countries and the U.S.A are suffering from. It’s the loss of adding a surplus of quality, and it is precisely why your opportunity is greatened.

    The only way that I’ve found to stay focused over the long-term as a matter of habit is by having a clear and concise picture in my mind of my next goals to achieve.

    It’s like a lighthouse that your compass is always pointing to, and therefore all the waves and tough weather along the way can’t shake you from reaching it.

    My head is now set on building my family life. My first daughter was born two years ago, and my goal for 2019 is to purchase the home we will raise her in, for example.

    The fact that I know exactly what type of house I want and the sort of adventures I dream about, inspires me to drive forward with complete focus and concentrate on my clients. Don’t set 10 goals – choose one and reach it. That will be the 1st step on your path to greater and bigger goals. You’ve got this down.  

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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