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Biden’s Frail: Israel Attacks Iran ON THEIR OWN

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Iran Barked on the Wrong Tree

It seems like second nature to Americans: If a conflict is brewing somewhere on planet Earth, Washington has a stake in the game.

How is that? Why is that?

How did a country that followed a doctrine of isolationism for two centuries, become the one that deploys troops in most of the world’s sovereign nations, sanctions whoever doesn’t comply and bend to its will, and creates enemies as much as it embraces allies?

One source of the hatred stems from the growing atheistic worldview of the West and of America. When one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the movement that is behind the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas, was sent from Egypt to study at an Ivy League university, the financiers of the trip reasoned that he’d come back to Cairo with a moderate attitude towards the West. After seeing it firsthand, he despised what he had witnessed.

Here was a materialistic society, soulless and addicted to pleasures of the flesh, turning him more fanatic and fundamentalist.

It’s fake and artificial, he said, nationalistic in name, but mechanical and lacking the authenticity of the European cultures.

Infidels. When you look at the clueless and brain-dead protestors all over America and Europe rallying for the Palestinians, not knowing that there is no such thing and that it is a totally made-up story, a re-write of history, you see exactly how his assessment is 100% correct: The populous is without bearing, a rudderless ship, ready to be swayed to whichever way is fashionable.

Western civilization is in decline, because the average college student knows more about Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe than about the Middle East, but they sure will get a few queers to chant “Intifada.”

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    No stone is left unturned.

    In the exquisite TV show, House of Cards, Claire Underwood and Frank Underwood are a power couple with one goal in life: to become President of the United States. Their competitive advantage is that they are masters at seeing someone’s needs and, more importantly, his weaknesses and skeletons in the closet.

    For 30 years, Israel has danced to America’s fiddle, waltzed to its violin and made countless concessions in the name of peace and globalization, but to no avail. It gave up land, forfeited power and made every gesture it could, all so it could secure peace, but it was naïve and put under the Obama spell of wokeness.

    No more.

    After October 7th, it sobered up.

    Today, nearly every Arab country wants normalization with Israel, because the IDF has shown that it is 500% more effective than was America’s coalition to defeat ISIS.

    The Iranians see it and their balls are shaking, their hearts are pounding and their psyche is looking for a lifeline, because they know their people have yet to feel the pain, because Obama lubricated his behind and was willing to sign a nuclear agreement with these blood-thirsty maniacs. However, the veil of hypocrisy has been lifted and Israel just showed the people at the top of the food chain that it knows how to disrupt energy pipes at the heart of Iran’s civilian population – a GAME-CHANGER.

    Mark my words: Iran has awakened a sleeping giant, so Biden, you can keep on snoozing; the people that brought the world the Holy Bible, freed themselves from slavery in Egypt, rebelled against the Roman Empire, were put in exile for 2,000 years, survived The Holocaust and crushed five invading armies in 1948 and brought them to their knees, now has you in their sights. You better be soiling yourself, because unlike Obama and other Harvard grads, they don’t fight wars with a pen and paper…

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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