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CHAMPION’S DNA: Gold Cleared Resistance – FIREWORKS NOW!

by | Stock Market Wealth

CHAMPION’S DNA: Gold Cleared Resistance – FIREWORKS NOW!

by | Stock Market Wealth

All around the globe this week, investors, funds and Computer Traded Algorithms will be glued to their screens. It won’t take much; a 1.1% clip higher and gold will be planting its flag in the $1,600/ounce domain and will confirm that the strength of the rally is well intact.

If this is to happen, the catalyst will probably be RELIEF-SELLING in the general stock market, causing hedging trading into gold.

What I mean by that is that investors are so leveraged, anticipating crazy amounts of stimulus from the Bank of China to still arrive that dumb money is feeling great right now. And you know how those periods end, WITHOUT EXCEPTION – with a bloody sell-off.


If you think about it, central banks can NEVER raise rates in a meaningful way ever again, but they have NO CONTROL over inflation.

For 10 years, they’ve been sitting there behind closed doors, baffled, confused and utterly shocked by their inability to spark 2% inflation rates.

You, me and 8 billion people around the world – but especially 330 million Americans – are in the driver’s seat when it comes what inflation levels will be. Our spending decisions determine this.

Our combined actions are the throttle that dictates these complex issues.

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    Right now, the world isn’t behaving in haste with finances, but no one knows what tomorrow will bring. That’s exactly the problem; the entire system is designed to work, ONLY IF inflation never goes higher.

    This is what frightens me and several others, billionaire Ken Griffin, included; the pendulum swing from disinflation to visible inflation could be so shocking that gold is a MUST-OWN asset these days.


    As you can see, lots of good economic news has been baked in the cake, so my gut instinct tells me that gold could pop, when equities dump the next time.

    Net debt/cash-flow ratio is at a 16-year high right now, which means that dividends distributions and buybacks have been running above excess cash flow for seven years BACK-TO-BACK!


    Overall, earnings are definitely rebounding, but fundamentals have not been the most important factor in this bull market; four companies are carrying the weight (Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon) more than ever before.

    I recently interviewed Andy Schectman, owner of, the bullion dealership I personally buy my precious metals from. He told us that he’s been getting large orders in the past few weeks; the smart money is positioning – that’s for sure.

    As I said, watch your screens this week – $1,600 could be imminent.

    In the past two weeks, I’ve embarked on a new morning routine. I wake up 20 minutes earlier than before, giving me time before my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter opens her eyes. During these precious minutes of quiet time, I spend the first ten minutes reviewing my daily schedule, with an emphasis on how what I’m going to be doing will be focused on achieving the goals I’ve set forth.

    I work myself up into a state of mind that fills me with purpose and sincerity of will power. I am looking to start the day emotionalized by success-consciousness.

    In the remaining ten minutes, I clear my moral compass, making sure that my motives are pure and that the goals I want to accomplish have a positive effect on my surroundings.

    My point is that every thought matters and every action has a consequence. Sometimes we belittle ourselves, thinking that what we do has no relevance in the big picture, but what I’m asking you to do is to live as if YOUR ACTIONS have enormous impact.

    Lead by example and make this your best year ever. Wake up early and open your days with fine-tuning your attitude.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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