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Chief Biden Pummels: Counterstrike IMMINENT!

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Bombs Away –
America Projecting Military Might

The Biden Administration is not scaring anyone.

In 1979, Iran went through a revolution and 45 years later, it has taken formidable strides towards war in the Middle East. Blinken’s pathetic attempt to scare proxies and militias from their theological quest to create an Islamic state won’t do much.

If this administration, which packed up and left Afghanistan like a headless chicken, allowing the Taliban to claim victory and show other terrorist groups that in a war of attrition, Americans suck and all you have to do is outlast them, believes than the Iranian people, who have been ruling over their land for 5,000 years, will be shaken by a few bombs, he is sadly miscalculating the size of the task at hand.

I like to explain to my friends who ask about military policies of Europeans and Americans (Westerners, in general), that what they resort to doing is to tear branches off a tree every once in a while, whereas the only solution is to chop down the tree and plant a new one instead.

If that doesn’t work, burn the entire forest down and make sure you plant beautiful trees. In the end, pain is the currency that is respected by countries with imperial ambitions.

Like I said, you may be one of those who thinks that America is in debt, because Russian bots monitored your chatter and target you with rhetoric about not fighting “someone else’s war,” but it’s all fun and games until warships cross the Pacific and, for the first time, Chinese missiles are within range of San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The Middle East won’t turn into rubble by this retaliatory attack from Biden’s team, but it will increase the appetite of all actors in the region to see what America’s red lines are, and if past is prolog, you can expect maritime shipping disruptions.

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    One commodity I am deeply concerned about (and so is the department of energy) is nickel.


    Elon Musk has urged miners to invest more in nickel and build a reliable supply chain and I want to echo his words.

    The Marshall Plan was a genius strategy in Europe and Japan; it helped the devastated nations of the post-WW2 era to recuperate and heal, build them up and make them partners and allies, but what most Parisians drinking coffee, Londoners sipping tea or Berliners with a cold beer in their hand fail to understand, is that they couldn’t then and can’t now “buy” Putin, Xi and others with this vision of lifestyle – they don’t cherish what the West does.

    In the coming weeks, Putin, Xi, the Houthis and others who will be funded by agents of chaos, will engage in more acts of piracy, blocking ports, disrupting global trade and choking the system… when the price of oil spikes, when you can’t get components in time and your job is at risk, then we will see if you like to pull the military out and let chaos pursue, or if you come to terms with the realities of the world.

    Me? I will be busy looking for the ultimate nickel play, between now and then!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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