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DAGGER In The HEART: Politicians BETRAYED You!

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DAGGER In The HEART: Politicians BETRAYED You!

May 24, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

I just finished watching season 1 of the Brazilian TV series, O Mecanismo, or “The Mechanism,” which depicts the true story behind the corrupt system in Brazil.

December 31, 2011, was the last time I visited that beautiful country, and the Copacabana Beach was full of four million locals and tourists. The majority of them were wearing white, all counting back from 10 to 1, and welcoming 2012 by throwing flowers at the ocean.

It was an amazing celebration in the streets, and it was accompanied by a 40-minute fireworks show, which the cruise ships were watching from the waters and the tourists from their hotel decks, rooftops, or from the sandy beaches.

Brazil’s territory is one of the largest in the world, and it is part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) block of nations, which are considered to be the future leaders, outside of the USA.

While there, my wife and I toured Rio de Janeiro, Buzios (a beach town made famous by Brigitte Bardot) and Iguazu Falls. Also, we took time to visit the Favelas, which are the infamous poverty-stricken neighborhoods, known for their high crime rates.

You see, what’s incredible about that country is that they’re the seventh largest economic power on the planet, yet the wealth is concentrated by such a small group of people that it is almost an unofficial monopoly, run by a number of ultra-rich families.

It is challenging to escape the clutches of poverty, since it is hard to become educated enough to bypass social barriers and climb the ladder of classes from working to ruling.

Watching the TV show, “The Mechanism,” strengthened my core belief that my decision to completely disregard politics, made when I was 20, never spending another second watching any mainstream media outlet, be it TV, newspaper, radio, or otherwise, and utterly avoid negative people and negative energy, has paid off big.

“The Mechanism” revolves around the true story of a task force of incorruptible policeman, who choose to accept the mediocre salaries, offered by the government, refusing to be bribed by the elite. Instead of joining the corrupt system, they aim to expose it, and soon they realize how intricate and complex it is.

Subconsciously or otherwise, I was able to shield myself from the anger and frustration that any enlightened individual, who learns the truth about the banking system, our political structure, and our rogue agencies, militaries, and international power brokers, usually experiences.

I’ve seen and have spoken with countless well-intended and honest individuals, who are seeking to change this Mechanism, to no avail.

Exposing corruption only results in one person becoming a patsy, a fall-guy, while the system continues to churn people, solidifying how forceful it is.

Therefore, I invite you to do the same thing I did.

Knowing the truth and becoming a part of the solution are two very different things.

Don’t allow yourself to be naïve, even for a second. Politicians, “old money,” special interest groups, elite bankers, power brokers, and the various lobbyists, working in our society, do not care about you, with the exception of genuine souls, here and there.

You owe them nothing, and the sooner you forget about them, the better. Focus on what you can do, not what the laws they will pass or what rules they will change to benefit your well-being. 

Brazil has proven that economies can grow to become dominant powers, without the need to spread the wealth around whatsoever. Russia and China are two more examples of large economies, which have no regard for social equality.

The U.S. is joining them today.

The system plants the wrong ideas in your mind. It does it subtly, dripping into your psyche from day 1, what is possible for you.

The reality is that most people, even in America, are cash-strapped and can’t afford a $400 emergency expense, without going into debt. That’s unacceptable in my book.

Do not let anyone or anything surprise you. Build a massive hoard of cash, cash equivalents and cash flowing assets in your life. Spend considerable time envisioning a wealth reality around you and ACT to materialize it.

Use this vision to inspire you to act with flexibility and adapt without stress to changing circumstances. Nothing can beat you, if you keep making tweaks, both to your character and to your conditions. It is mathematically impossible for the man, who continually advances, to fail.

Your breakthrough is always within grasp.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my wife and daughter to check out Wall Street, where employees are taught to take advantage of uncontrolled greed, exhibited by others.

Remember, the more you become master of your emotions and responses, the more valuable you will be to your loved ones and your clients.

Emotionally-driven decision makers are the worst allocators of capital. Reason and logic alone generate long-lasting investment wealth. Follow the facts, save big, and live your life based on the vision you outlined in your mind.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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