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GOLD $1,643: No. 1 Stock For 2020 – I’M IN BIG-TIME!

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

GOLD $1,643: No. 1 Stock For 2020 – I’M IN BIG-TIME!

by | Stock Market Wealth

This stock is literally like NO OTHER.

I’m going to keep it simple and brief: in 2020, there are only a few gold companies that are PUTTING their projects into PRODUCTION. I uncovered one of them that is currently trading for USD$0.06, BUT a detail cash-flow analysis for it prints a potentially SUPER, SUPER conservative valuation of USD$0.20 for the end of 2020.

As we speak, with gold remaining FLAT at $1,643, I’m invested in a small-cap gold play whose BIGGEST shareholder is a former big-shot at Newmont Mining, and by May of this year, it is estimated to be test mining with a cost per ounce of $656 and AISC (All-Inclusive Sustaining Cost) of $800, which is incredibly cheap!

The project is PERMITTED and there are no foreseeable delays on the horizon, as far as we know. The CEO is actively raising funds to complete the tunnel leading to the two veins they’ll test mine (starting in May 2020, according to plan) and to renovate the mill they leased for the purpose of processing the tonnage.

The reason that virtually NO ONE else is talking about this is because the company isn’t a new IPO at all, BUT in the past year, it has undergone a 180-degree TRANSFORMATION that has been kept under wraps until now.

For one, the new chairman of the board is Joseph Carrabba, who RESIGNED from his high-level position in Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner, in order to FOCUS on Winston Gold Corp. (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF), whose current market cap is only CAD$13.8M (USD$10.4M). Mr. Carrabba himself owns 15% with his close associates holding an additional 20%!

That’s RIGHT! Not only did Mr. Carrabba resign from Newmont, but he also dropped a pile of cash and became the single largest shareholder of the company, showing the opportunity to a number of his most strategic associates, who decided to match his own investment, altogether owning 35% of outstanding shares. He also became CHAIRMAN and now heads the mission of putting the Winston project into profitability by May of this year.

I’m a shareholder and own, along with my partners, a significant position as well. I want to show you why I believe 2020 is potentially LIFE-CHANGING and why 2021 could be even BIGGER.

If the biggest two risks the company faces — (1) inability to raise USD$3M and (2) a gold bear market — don’t materialize, by May of this year, gold will be mined from Parallel and Block 93, two of the four veins of the project.

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    In the beginning, the pace will be 80 tons/day, yet with development and more shifts, by December that number will nearly QUADRUPLE and reach 300 tons/day. Since the recovery is about 33% (the estimated grade is 0.3 OPT), that translates to 90 gold ounces every single day.

    At that rate, in 2020, Winston Gold will have profits of around USD$6.76M for 2020. Using 200M shares as our rounded-up number for calculations, that comes out just over 3c/share in earnings.

    Miners trade at a multiple of 10-20, so taking the conservative approach of PE10, we reach a share price of USD$0.30. Currently, the price is ONLY USD$0.06; the potential gain is 400% in the next 10 months, CONSERVATIVELY (if the business plan is executed at $1,643).

    This is why I personally own over a million shares myself and why I REFUSE to sell any before 2021, at this point.

    Tomorrow, I’ll show you EXACTLY what I expect in a favorable gold bull market if our forward projection MANIFESTS!

    Consider shares of Winston Gold (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF) and notice that the stock is illiquid.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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