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Grave Danger: Chinese Espionage in Washington

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Peddling and Meddling

After dragging America into the Vietnam war, the Chinese were becoming a real problem for Washington. Instead of being aligned with the Soviets, Kissinger and Nixon reasoned, make a deal with the devil and get close to them ourselves, so as to weaken the USSR.

But the Chinese never wanted to be friends with America, only bide their time, steal their IP, drain their middle class and convince America’s naïve and woke left that they mean no harm: “So in the name of global peace, let us brainwash your youth with garbage ideology of how the world works.”

China succeeded in the Clinton era and Obama nearly gave them the country on a silver platter, but Trump put an end to this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

As we enter 2024, an election year, I implore you with all the urgency and with every fiber of my being, don’t allow your mind to be swayed. Communist China is evil, a clear enemy of democracy, freedom, peace and progress.

Don’t let any social media get the better of you: America is the last bastion of freedom, and now that its politicians have realized that policing the rest of the world and buying friends doesn’t work with fundamentalist Muslims and communist overlords, these defected regimes will topple, one after the other.


The Houthis are a Shia Muslim group in Northern Yemen. Shia Muslims comprise 15% of all Muslims, and Iran is the cancer that fuels the violent nature of the Jihadi mis-interpretation of the communists within Islamic society – a movement called the Muslim Brotherhood.

These communist agents of chaos have taken the Quran and re-written the meanings of virtually anything they saw fit, in order to align their worldview of dismantling all forms of existing systems to further their vision for the world, the view of chaos and communism.

Make no mistake about it: This insidious interpretation of the Islamic Quran is the weaponization and hijacking of a religion, in order to recruit useful idiots and bring about communism, masquerading as holy war.

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    When the Muslim Brotherhood first appeared in Egypt in 1928, its ideas were ridiculed and rejected. Muslim leaders, at the time, refused to even allow these ideas to circulate. They imprisoned the leaders of the movement, but the ideas of communism in Islam spread like wildfire into the hands of deceitful maniacs, just as fast as they did previously in Russia, Italy and across the globe in Christian societies.

    The Houthis are just another example of Iran-funded terrorism, but with this proxy, they are achieving a very interesting milestone. With very simple rubber boats and basic training, the tribal terrorist group is disrupting global trade and actually inviting China and Russia to collaborate with Europeans and Americans, because the Bab-El-Mandeb Strait is a major maritime artery that must stay open.

    The United States gave the world globalization, open borders and maritime security, but instead of everyone enjoying it and riding its coattails, China, Russia and Iran, along with North Korea, Yemen and other countries, strived to send the world back to chaos and warfare and entangle America in an endless pursuit of terrorists on various fronts.

    They have gotten so good at infiltrating the minds of Westerners that many Americans blame the military industrial complex of creating wars and sympathize with the agents of chaos. It is disturbing, but useful idiots are a major part of democracy — just look at how China was able to convince boys that they are girls and vice versa, by bribing academic studies to be pushed into the education system.

    In my opinion, the CCP’s greatest achievement to date is that they have convinced Americans that the United States’ best days are behind it, that capitalism doesn’t work, and their funding of many woke groups to weaken and break up the family unit.

    Now that China is an open adversary, China’s long-term goal of defeating America by 2049 is becoming more mainstream. Only those who have a spine will stand their ground.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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