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JAMES CORBETT EXPOSE’: New World Order Operating In The Shadows!

Jul 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

New World Order: these words have a long and complex history, and for some will be associated with George H. W. Bush, who used it back in the 1990s. 

However, recent global events have paved the way for big changes and a shift in leadership, much of which will happen insidiously and, of course, unreported in the mainstream media.

What we have here and now isn’t your father’s or your grandfather’s World Order, but a newer and much more dangerous New World Order.

Among the few who dare to bring this to light is reporter and analyst extraordinaire James Corbett of the Corbett Report, whom I had an opportunity to speak with recently regarding this New World Order, the deep state, and the elite’s battle for global control.

Corbett, who is a rare, truly independent voice on pressing topics related to politics, society, history, and economics, provided me with pointed insights on the epic struggle that is happening right now.

For one thing, Corbett makes it clear that the New World Order does actually exist – let there be no doubt about it.  We are currently transitioning into it, and it’s just a question of where we’re headed and what it will look like.

This is not a “conspiracy theory” or a political statement about Trump or Putin, but a clear, real vision of what the future will look like, who will be in charge, and who will be marginalized.

To define it succinctly, Corbett characterizes the New World Order as a globalist ideology which believes in, and has the power to achieve, a one-world government. 

This might sound like a peaceful Utopia, but don’t get the wrong idea – this is a state ordered by a very few elite at the top who govern and structure society underneath them.

These elite rulers will not be figureheads, but the real puppet masters working behind the scenes and pulling the political strings.

But who will these elite ideologues be?  Corbett asserts that they are the ultra-wealthy, the ones who have their hands on the economic levers to the extent that they can actually create the money itself.  Their tools of the trade will be the Federal Reserve and more generally, the world’s network of central banks.  The vision we’re moving towards, with or without the people’s permission, is a ruling oligarchy and plutocracy the likes of which civilization has never seen before.

Corbett has been warning us for well over a decade about this global power transference, and his message is more urgent than ever as our very freedom hangs in the balance.  Lest we allow ourselves to succumb to the frightening visions of George Orwell or H. G. Wells, we must wake up to the harsh reality of a world in which constant surveillance, genetic engineering, and other previously unimaginable control mechanisms are now de rigueur.

It is astonishing to consider how spot-on Corbett’s predictions of a technocratic paradigm, in which scientists and engineers aid and abet the ruling elite in their quest for global hegemony, have become.

Traditional media outlets simply won’t touch the topics that Corbett attacks head-on: how the West is deliberately engineering its own downfall, how China is playing its part in realizing the New World Order, how the powers that be have the ability to push down gold prices at will, how cryptocurrencies will be a vital tool in the war for international power control…  Ultimately we see the raw truth in Corbett’s reporting – a vital and timely message to humankind that must be heard.

I’ve spoken with some incredible reporters and analysts over the years, but my interview with Corbett was a real eye opener.  If we don’t listen and take action, it will only make it that much easier for the elite to take what’s left of our freedom away.