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Powell Can’t and WON’T Stop Gold Going to $2,500/ounce

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We Have a Real Chance
at a New World Order
(The Kind You Want)

Inflation is now accepted as part of a transition into the New World Order. For many who grew up in 1993-2016 when the Clinton/Bush era ruled American politics, the NWO (New World Order) brings up traumatic memories of racist neocon liberalism.

The West, which had just defeated the greatest threat to the free world (the Soviet Union dictatorship), felt euphoric.

Euphoria makes you think you’re invincible and tempts you to forget the critical life principle of controlled enthusiasm.

When one is overly excited and can’t see the downside, they may do something like open up huge casinos all over the country using bank loans that crash (Donald Trump). When one defeats the Soviet Union, they may think they can send the army to Iraq and Afghanistan and change them into Western democracies.

Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell (the other Powell… Colin), and others, the neocons and lunatics that took over the United States in the vacuum that beating the Soviets created, took America for a spin. Their actions should forever be studied as some of America’s greatest mistakes.

There was ignorance and the misunderstanding of reality at the highest levels. Let me explain it to you this way: when you walk into a sushi restaurant and want to eat pasta with tomato sauce, you can’t expect the chef to suddenly prepare your favorite dish because they know raw fish and not dough and Mediterranean cuisine.

If you’re a big and influential client with a table of 60-80 people (an analogy for the U.S. military), it doesn’t change anything. The chef can’t make pasta just like Iraq can’t unravel 1,400 years of Islam and caliphate control.

Even if you think sushi is unhealthy for you and pasta is the only way to go, you can’t force your will on the chef.

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    You can ignore sushi altogether (an analogy for American non-intervention), but you risk sushi taking over the world. If this happens, it’s right at your doorstep one day, and you’re facing existential risk (an analogy for the spread of Chinese communism and radical Islam to the shores of South and Central America).

    I love sushi, by the way… This is just a metaphor that is getting out of hand.

    Another option is to show sushi lovers that doing it will have consequences and that they can’t go on poisoning the world and even blatantly lying while claiming it’s their right to do so (a metaphor for childish and immoral woke liberalism).

    A third option is to tell sushi lovers that you respect them and even think that if they want to eat unhealthy, it’s their right as long as they don’t try to impose themselves on those that don’t want to (an analogy for giving Arab countries and minorities funds so they can think their way out of their predicament), but that only goes so far. How long can you give them money to build pasta restaurants only to see a tsunami of new sushi locations?

    There comes a time when one must decide: should I allow toxic ideologies to exist solely for the purpose of feeling good about myself, so much so that I am tolerant to ALL things including terror?

    The world has made that choice in the last few days, and because it chose to eradicate it regardless of the effects, inflation will now be accepted as a necessary evil.

    It will be inflationary to change the global structure, but it’s worth the wait. In the meantime, buy gold

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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