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ABORT: Read This NOW!

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Stock Market Wealth

ABORT: Read This NOW!

Jul 2, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

Tomorrow, I will publish my exclusive interview with Ron Paul, the TX-based politician, who has devoted his entire career to upholding the constitution of the United States, to fighting the dangers of central banking and fractional reserve banking, to blocking the growth of the military-industrial complex, and to raising awareness of the need for precious metals backing our currency.

Dr. Paul is 82 now, and though his videos get millions of views online and there’s a growing awareness to his message, we still live in a world dominated by elite political and financial powers, and we’re still suffering from corrupt government and draconian laws. We still don’t see a return to natural laws and personal liberty, where our phones aren’t being tapped, our emails aren’t being watched, our details aren’t being sold and passed around, and our privacy isn’t being compromised.

In other words, even with tens of millions protesting in the western world about the rise in the cost of living in the west and with three billion people living lives subjected to the worst conditions of poverty and survival mentality, there’s barely a noticeable change, and so I ask you to ABORT.

What I want you to abort is the notion that change is right around the corner, that a rosy future awaits full of honest politicians, with fair banking practices, with limited armies, and with patient populations willing to flex and bend over backwards to please their fellow citizen, because these are not likely to happen, ever.

Instead of waiting for others to come around and see your point of view, take control of the only thing you have an irrefutable right to direct any way you like – your thoughts and your core values, and LIVE.

Discard all past mistakes; just like a hot air balloon dumps excess weight, let go of any need to control others, to be proven right, to be viewed as an expert, or to be vindicated by fellow peers or family members.

If I had to please everyone, who claims to have ownership over the course of my path, life would be worse for me than for the prisoners on death row.

You are the most qualified person to tell you what you must do, and I’m merely sharing with you what I’ve learned that works, so you can compute that into your decision-making process.

I can tell you, right here and right now, that living your own life on the highest level is the BEST example you can set for anyone else, and you do not need to do anything more than that.

The keys I’ve found to maximizing my potential and increasing my chances of living a happy existence revolve around three major decisions and 18 critical principles, which I’ll be sharing with you throughout 2018.

My purpose in doing this is to inspire you to ABORT any procrastination or thought-habits that have to do with waiting for change, instead of taking massive action, now.


To simplify my own life, I’ve boiled down the most important determining factors for leading an exceptional life:

  1. Where: Choose the ideal location or locations immediately, which fit your  personality and way of life, and take the steps necessary to get situated there.

I’ve seen many people, who have found their neck of woods, their personal paradise – a place, which fits their core values and their favorite features of this planet, and they are thrilled to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, because of it.

This is, of course, a decision, which is complex and can’t always become a reality, easily, but focusing on it will inspire ideas and plans, once you commit to it.

Personally, I love city life, but I’m also a big fan of nature, the snow, and beaches, so I’ve focused on building businesses, which can be managed location-independently. That has allowed me to travel extensively with my wife and daughter, seeing many of the planet’s most beautiful places and meeting amazing people along the way.

  1. With Whom: One thing I can promise you is that even a private island, filled with maids and butlers catering to your every need, could be a living hell, if you have no one to share it with, or worse, an out-of-sync relationship with the closest people to you, who is sharing this experience with you.

Not only is it critical to be in a fruitful relationship, but it is mathematically certain that if you are not in one, you won’t be able to focus on over-delivering in business, where you must be on point, all the time.

The only way to win the hearts of others is to BE a person others want to be around – it takes tremendous effort to become a loved person, who has the energy and understanding that courting others pays back, with interest.

Don’t stop pursuing the right environment – surround yourself with the people, who deserve your time and attention.

Fortunately, I married my biggest cheerleader, a person who is willing to overlook the drawbacks we all have, complement my strengths, disregard any weaknesses, and give me constructive criticism, when needed. Mostly, I’m blessed with the fact that she is loyal, in all matters.

  1. What: This is the biggest decision – on what to spend the overwhelming majority of your life.

A long time ago, I concluded that free enterprise is the cornerstone of human existence and progress.

It was at age 13, when I started booking my own babysitting schedule, that I realized the best contribution I could make was to help others, charge a fair price for it, save a portion of the income, invest an additional portion, and spend what was left, in that order.

Once this habit set, it was as if I entered a different universe. 

At age 16, I owned more assets than most grown-ups do, since the majority have zero savings and no financial assets to their name.

Abort your sincere and well-intended wish to fix everyone and everything, and focus on the only thing you can control – the course of your 28,000 days in this world.

During the coming 180 days, I’ll publish, every ten days on average, each of the 18 guiding principles of my own life, which have given me the opportunity to fully use the power of free choice and to exercise these three key decisions continually.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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