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RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE: A Rare Moneymaking Opportunity!

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE: A Rare Moneymaking Opportunity!

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

Big profit generators are few and far between, but when they come along you have to grab them with both hands because those rare runners are where most of the real money is made. And as you’ll soon see, I’ve kept quiet on this one particular opportunity in the markets for a while because timing is everything and it’s as good as it gets right now.

I’m not talking about a real estate company or a tech stock, though I’ve certainly made plenty of money on those and will continue to do so. No, today’s focus is on a power player in the resource sector: I’m talking about gold mining, which found its footing in 2019 and is preparing for liftoff in 2020.

Very few companies qualify as I narrow down my list of stocks worth investing in – I take my time and make sure I get it right because my reputation is of paramount importance. Because of that, I can’t afford to make a bad call any more than my followers can afford to buy the wrong stock.

I’m fully convinced that the next 12 months will be outstanding in the commodity cycle, which is currently consolidating gains and preparing for considerably higher gold prices. Those gains will be magnified by the shares of Winston Gold Corp. (CSE: WGC, OTC: WGMCF) because this particular company has an uncommon goal: to spend their capital wisely and acquire high-grade projects for maximum cash flow.

Courtesy: Winston Gold Corp. Investor Presentation

Through Winston’s high-grade, small-vein gold project, the company is maximizing exploration potential on its historically productive Montana-based property. Excellent infrastructure in a mining-friendly jurisdiction highlights the tremendous potential of the Winston Project as it moves forward quickly and ahead of schedule.

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While the property is Winston Gold’s most obvious asset, another value-added part of the company is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and largest shareholder Strategic Advisor Joseph Carrabba. With extensive management and operational experience in the resource industry, Mr. Carrabba is highly renowned as the former Chairman, President, and CEO of Cliffs Natural Resources, as well as the former Chairman of Newmont Goldcorp’s Safety and Sustainability Committee.

Those are powerful credentials, and as you would expect, Winston is proud to have Joseph Carrabba on its team. 42 years of experience and success in the mining market across North America, Australia, Latin America, and Asia means that Mr. Carrabba can provide invaluable insights and expertise to the company.

Courtesy: Joseph Carrabba

Having a top-tier team with luminaries like Joseph Carrabba is rare among companies in this space, but this gives Winston Gold a huge advantage over the competition and sets WGC/WGMCF shares up for outsized gains because Winston has a business model like none other in the business.

What Winston has achieved is incredible potential for fast and cheap gold recovery in a prime mining district featuring excellent infrastructure in a mining-friendly jurisdiction. At a per-ounce cost that’s less than half the current spot gold price, Winston Gold is progressing quickly through the timeline and allowing the shareholders to reap the benefits of the company’s impressive cost savings.

And that’s the beauty of it: Winston is minimizing shareholder dilution and maximizing shareholder value – there’s no need for significant corporate debt (which you’ll typically see with the competitors in the gold space), so the company can provide direct leverage to the gold market for investors.

This has got to be the most cost-effective, small-scale, high-grade mining operation I’ve ever seen, but don’t expect the shares to be cheap if the gold price goes much higher. Your timing has to be right if you’re going to make real money from Winston Gold – and the time is now to start accumulating shares because the gold bull’s ready to run, with or without you.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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