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Queers for Palestine and Chickens for KFC

It’s a world gone mad and the Arab world, specifically the Muslim countries and the ‘Palestinian’ issue, enjoys support from factions from the liberal left.

What makes a queer from a college dorm feel somehow connected to the mission of “freeing Palestine” and saving the planet from the big, bad oil guys, or any other agenda these victim-mentality-losers are crusading for?

Let’s begin with how dumb this is: This is a completely one-sided relationship. Radical Muslims do not join climate or human rights protests, and certainly not for women’s rights; as for queers, get real… Being gay in a radical muslim country is no bueno.

What’s even more laughable is how the left (woke liberals) and extreme-left (Greta) don’t realize they are everything that radical Islam spits at and mocks. Jihad is a religious war, while most Greta-type-losers are sacrilegious, and some of them are so sub-level that they don’t even sense the divinity of life and the presence of the oneness of nature and the perfection of the universe (they’re atheists, which means they have no compass and view life as a chaotic disorder… sad, really…).

A quick search of how Muslims treat minorities, women and queers in their communities will reveal the truth to any Forrest Gump-type student, but a person without any spine or core beliefs can be persuaded to believe in anything, as long as it means he gets to play victim. After all, if there is an imaginary “oppressor,” one has an excuse for his mediocrity and lack of any real achievement.

If the “game” is rigged, and by game I mean anything one feels he is horrible at, then his cause is justified, in his view…

What I always say to any champion of marches and protests against the West and its values is go to China, Russia or a Muslim country and see how you like it and then decide…

As a minority, I am sure one “thrives” in those countries, like the 2M Christians whom Iraq butchered and the 500K Syrians who didn’t want Assad as their dictator, so he bombed them (at times, with chemical weapons)… No, Jihadists Muslims don’t just hate America (and Israel), they kill other Muslims, Arabs and Christians as well, who they deem as infidels.

The only connection between Greta (Thunberg, if you don’t know who Greta is by now) and her generation and Muslims is that both embrace worldviews that are based on HATE.

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    Twitter (before Elon) was an organization based on hate/conceit/moral hypocrisy; their executives sat on the high chair of morals and if they thought your values opposed theirs, they “cancelled” you or restricted you, all in the name of peace on Earth and public safety, of course…

    In the 20th century, we saw a couple of those left-wing ideologues lead their countries, in the name of equality – Stalin and Mao Zedong.

    This is not a slur on left-leaning or “liberal” ideology, which at its heart is about individual rights, freedom of speech or democracy, but rather on the corruption of these values by the far-left, which has brought us cancel culture and censorship of opinions. They have reduced the world to the view that there are two classes of people, the oppressed and oppressor, and that this is the only way to look at our magnificent gift of life.

    Because of our division, especially in the past seven years, when America democratically voted Doanld Trump, but the left couldn’t accept his rule, politicians have decided to even abuse the most precious tool America enjoys, that of reserve currency, and to threaten shutdowns and other crazy ideas as a way of getting things done.

    I hope you are happy… now the world wants to charge you 5% interest for your lack of restraint and that will surely send silver over $50/ounce, as the government would have to continue spending record amounts.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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