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USD TUMBLES, Gold Soars: Top Crypto REVEALED!

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Stock Market Wealth

USD TUMBLES, Gold Soars: Top Crypto REVEALED!

Jan 24, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

We don’t get to choose our starting point in life. For most people, a humble beginning is what they are born into. It is very hard to pinpoint the reason why, and for no apparent external event, we start to sense that there’s more to this world and what it can offer us than meets the eye very early on. 

Though most people struggle today, we have been born into one of the most amazing periods of human history, but also the planet’s history.

In terms of weather conditions, humans have had to endure an ice age, lethal volcano eruptions, deadly heat waves, tsunamis, and earthquakes. We have mostly been fortunate to live in these relatively comfortable times. Our advancements in the sectors of technology, communications, and construction have made life on this planet much more sustainable than ever before.

People live longer and the quality of life has significantly improved since the days, only 150 years ago, where we had no cars, no electricity, and far less abundance.

This is true of the human race, as a whole, but of course, all around there is poverty, disease, adverse conditions, and injustice, even within the most affluent cities in the world.

Humans will always be wealthy, but the allocation of it among people is not fair, to say the least. Other than proper education, there is no historical precedence to shrink the incredible differences between the 2,000 billionaires living among us, the homeless, and people living in 3rd world countries.

Class wars don’t solve the problem – neither do strikes, revolutions, nor rebellions of any kind.

The only solution is to become wealthy by applying the principles of generating value for others and leading by example, so that others are inspired to follow. Education is the key to moving up in life, but not general education. In order to become wealthy, you need to be a specialist.

Wealth is created out of our ability to envision solutions to problems, marketing the win-win ideas we come up with to our potential market, and getting paid for delivering value. Skills make you wealthy and you have every right to be such.

The secondary layer to generating wealth is by deploying capital wisely.

Wealth Research Group is focused on this secondary avenue to wealth creation. Each of us has to figure out, through the use of books, mentors, and available specialized knowledge in our respective professions, how to obtain a greater injection of steady income (the primary layer), save it in order to build up capital, and then invest it for the purpose of growing it.

Today, we are living in a global economy; therefore it’s important to pay attention to many geopolitical factors, when deploying our saved-up capital.

For 2018, cash is going to be one of the most performing asset classes. For years, through stimulus and access to cheap credit, banks and corporations have hoarded massive cash positions, which, at this point of the cycle, pursuant the tax cuts, they will start investing and loaning into the economy.

The USD just plunged below a key technical level, which statistically means that it will keep falling further.

The Federal Reserve holds the cards now – if you believe it can do a precise and surgical job at hiking rates exactly right, then we won’t suffer from a recession ever because all asset prices will always be priced right.

But, if you understand that it is impossible to nail this process of tightening interest rates, then prepare for a huge spurt of price appreciation in stock markets until the tax cut effects die (6-18 months) and then a legendary crash.

In the meantime, gold is already reaping at the key level of $1,352, its 2016 high, and this is exactly what could spark a junior mining boom.

Now, not only are fiat currencies going to keep losing value, but the amount of cash on the sidelines, which will look to get positioned with blockchain projects and cannabis deals this year, will be unbelievable.

We already published a number of critical alerts in the past 2 years on cryptocurrencies and now we’ve just wrapped up our complete overview of our No.1 project for 2018.

The sector, as a whole, had exhibited tremendous strength by shrugging off any negative news.

We’re heading higher and Wealth Research Group has 2 jaw-dropping alerts in the works for February and March.

On Sunday, I’ll publish my personal portfolio model for 2018 at 09:00AM CST.

HERE’s our top coin for 2018!

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