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Man Fears Time,
but Time Fears the Pyramids

One of the next destinations on my bucket list are the Egyptian Pyramids. For 45 centuries, they’ve fascinated everyone. Sir Isaac newton, the English Mathematician, credited with discovering gravity, was obsessed with them.

No one has yet to fully summarize and articulate how humans were able to create such precise and exact structures some 2,000 years before the Greeks recognized the laws of Mathematics.

The pyramids are pure perfection, so much so that in the past 50 years, many acclaimed scientists and authors began to conceptualize the theory that aliens visited Earth and built them, otherwise how could we explain these wonders of the world, constructed using the naked eye and plumb bob, which is a piece of strong with a weight.

In recent years, as some Egyptologists continue to spend decades in the Pyramids, we’ve learned many new facts about the blueprint designs and the mapped-out masterplan, laid out in the sand, just outside the Great Pyramid in the Giza Plateau.

Today, people from all over the world come to see what’s left of the original pyramids, which were white and shiny, when first erected.

The secrets of the pyramids are uncovered more and more, with each passing year and their magnificence is even more impressive, as science reveals the miracles of ancient Egypt.

I am not one of those, who immediately flocks towards the romantic ideas of otherworldly civilizations landing on planet Earth, building the pyramids and continuing on their interstellar voyages.

The sides and base of the Great Pyramid of Khufu are aligned to the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West). I know this further strengthens the mystery of them, but, as I said, I rather ascribe this genius to the collective effort of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people, who were inspired to create these mammoths.

Today, if the ancient Egyptians could see the highway of commercial jets, going in and out of Cairo’s airport, all rushing to see the pyramids, they wouldn’t spend a second looking at these stone structures, instead they’d stand, completely shocked, watching the metals objects on wheels, take off.

We, you and I, already live inside of a living miracle. You’re not in the USA or in Germany or in Canada; you’re on a spinning rock, making its way through infinite space, sustained by the heat of the sun and its gravitational pull.

At present, in our little drama that we have created of ourselves, we are dealing with inflation or with regional wars, but in the vast span of time and space, we are rocketing forward towards more prosperity and abundance.

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    This is to say that the next major crisis will probably be over $20tn in size, but it also means that the global economy will be three or four times bigger.

    This reset is a necessary one; there was way too much excess, speculation and gambling away good money and we’ll grow stronger from this mess, but the next few months, the first half of 2023, will feel as hard as carrying the giant stones that built the pyramids, not like the pride of looking at the completed one.

    Don’t fear the hard times, though, since they’ll birth the good times that follow suit.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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