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When I was just starting out, I called dozens of companies every single month, researching private opportunities to position in with the limited funds I had at my disposal. Hearing 99 NOs for every one MAYBE that I got, I happened to cross paths with one of the greatest capitalists I’ve ever met in my 34 years on this planet. It was pure luck that we had met.

He was rich, yes, but what was so striking about his demeanor is that he went OUT OF HIS WAY to make sure that anyone around him – those who understood that investments entail risk, but were still ready to take action – would have opportunities (generous ones) to change their circumstances and live at a higher level.

This man took me to lunch and told me about a public company that he was evaluating, which he had figured was worth between 3-4 times more than what the share price was trading for. He told me that “when sentiment towards a niche sector turns sour, incredible companies might sell for stupid prices, for months on end.” 

I was young and all I’d heard up until that time was that the markets were efficient, so if there was a gap between intrinsic value and current prices, it would correct itself immediately. His proof of the contrary was a revelation to me. He went on to show me company after company that he analyzed, invested in, and made profits on, which were trading well below the price of its most obvious assets: cash, bonds, equity, and outstanding invoices, when he began accumulating his shares or when he made takeover bids for them.

He said that this essentially is, “like gutting a car and selling the parts.” It’s called liquidation value and it was very common in the days after the 1929-1932 Great Depression for a company to be priced that cheap. During the time of the Great Depression, many businesses couldn’t find any buyers, no matter the quality of their operations, so investors with cash could make a fortune.

Today, this only OCCURS with bankrupt businesses, which are selling for those types of low valuations – but not ones that are functional and growing, with solid reputation, momentum, and first-mover advantage.

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    This person, who took me to lunch, was an expert at finding one such company every 2-3 years and going big by risking much, but having a real shot at 300%-400% returns.

    He had no reason to tell me about that partucular stock, because it could be detrimental to his aspirations to take it private. By making others aware, he risked the price rising. When investors catch wind of a likely takeover, they often bid up the price ahead of time.

    But he did, and I took a big position in it, considering my small nestegg, at the time. I owe him a lot.

    The amazing thing is that I found what I believe to be a similar situation:

    1. A public company that is trading for what I estimate to be 75% lower than its LIQUIDATION PRICE, not including adding any value for its reputation, growth prospects, or any asset that isn’t immediately liquid.

    In other words, I would be thrilled to own the entire operation for 3-times its current share price!

    Of course, their board would never agree to my offer (since they’re not stupid), but the numbers just jump out at me like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

    1. It is growing, adding new customers every quarter, up until now, and generating more cash flow with each filing.
    2. It has board members, who are industry leaders and bring a lifetime of experience and a expansive network of contacts.

    Over 10 years ago, one person showed me that our economy could grow and become more educated and moral through capitalism, by opening doors to others and elevating them. He set the example for me to share key insights with people that are ready to take risks and I never looked back.

    Tomorrow, I will show exactly what the stock I’ve found is all about; it’s a big moment for us.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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