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Jan 22, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

There is much talk about the U.S. economy, its 10-year economic expansion, and its revival in the aftermath of 2008. Many praise the strength of the recovery, but I’m not one of them.

Most people go through their entire lives, believing certain things about people in power because of indoctrination we all receive from an early age. Unless something sparks within to cause one to look deeper, one would never guess in a million years how the world really works and what sort of institutions, agendas, and inner workings are going on behind the scenes.

I sense, irrefutably, that in today’s world, the chief objective of the elite is to remain behind the scenes, in the shadows. As opposed to the middle ages, when kings, tyrants and aristocracy wanted to be worshipped, it is clear that today their most pressing need is to be away from the limelight and let politicians do their bidding.

Yes, there have been countless books written about the centuries’ long lineage of the shadow organizations that are behind governments, reigning supreme, but away from the public eye; however, the birth of the internet has brought this to the level of grand scale exposure. It’s common knowledge that the elite meet and concoct schemes to further their masterplan.

The population gets thrown a bone here and there, a glimpse of hope every once in a while, when the masses believe this politician or another would change history, but that isn’t the way this game is played.

Their networks, rogue agents, secret societies, and blood connections are operating at all times, using threat, intimidation and bribery.


Often I see this list of so-called “rich” investors and businessmen, who are deemed to be the wealthiest people ever and am baffled by how the public buys into it, when there is a mountain of evidence showing that there are bloodlines and dynasties that control vast amounts of wealth, through trusts, non-profits, shell corporations and obscure, ancient laws that haven’t been changed.

When I write about the recovery in the U.S., this confuses many people, and when I write about the imminent recession, others are baffled all the same.

How can the economy be doing so well, yet a recession looms at the same time?

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    Compensation for CEOs of America’s largest firms is now 312-fold the annual average salary of the average worker, compared with about 200-fold in 2009, 58-fold in 1989, and 20-fold in 1965.

    This select group of people is doing well, since they’re using any loophole and any globalist slave labor country around the world to generate a fat bottom line, but that leaves Americans completely in the dark, when it comes to their job security.

    How can families living in the U.S. or in Europe compete with 3rd wages? The answer is that they can’t. So even though the economy is doing well, with record-low unemployment and with good profits for owners of Corporate America, the average person is working his butt off for compensation that keeps him in 2-hr traffic jams and endless weekend catch-up marathons, until his body can’t take it anymore and he is forced to slow down.

    As we are all aware, many stress-related diseases are epidemics, at this point, in the western world. More and more are diagnosed all sorts of problems and are told to take time off to rejuvenate.

    I’m currently in Thailand, where life is as relaxed as it comes on the islands. I can’t even begin to guess the age of some of the elderly population here, since their skin, muscles and overall posture looks so healthy, as they haven’t heard that insurance companies want them dead as close to 65 as possible, so they don’t have to support them.

    In the western world, people are conditioned to live to the age of retirement, but here, where people don’t wear watches, life takes a different beat.

    In the western world, the reliance on stock market portfolio performance to fund retirements has made it a political tool of sorts.

    A stock market boom doesn’t ease, in the least, the conditions of most U.S. families, though, nor does it alleviate poverty for hundreds of millions of indebted, fully-employed individuals!


    Central banking originates with the criminal interests of European aristocracy, and it was fought, tooth and nail, for over a century, before it was put into law in America by devious means.

    For the wealthy, there is no recession, while for the majority there is nothing but expansion, as they continue to exploit tax havens, loopholes in the banking system and globalism to grow wealthier.

    Monetary policy, which includes printing debt, transfers trillions of taxpayers’ funds to the financial elite.

    To escape these clutches, you first have to be aware of it because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

    The truth is that the stock market can go up in the 2nd half of 2019, since most mom and pop investors are not invested right now – they are not optimistic yet, but the recent 3% wage increases they’ve been seeing will make them greedy to put their savings to work.

    When this bubble explodes, you won’t be able to move a muscle, unless you own real assets, with intrinsic value, not government-created fiat paper notes.

    Own real wealth – stocks, real estate, precious metals, and businesses, and develop a skill set.

    Nothing can make you safer in this world than being an expert in your field of endeavor.
    Cash is trash.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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