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When You Feel Life Escaping, Do This

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Personal Finance

When You Feel Life Escaping, Do This

Nov 25, 2016 | Personal Finance

A recent study determined that in a man’s life, there are 7-12 course-altering moments.

While that number seems low, it means, nonetheless, that in a life-span lasting 84 years, every 7-12 years, your life would be completely different.

I find this quite remarkable, and overwhelming for most individuals.

What’s more fascinating is that you only realize that you experienced such a moment years later, but in order for this moment to be a favorable change, you must be aware that any decision you make, however trivial, might be important in the long-term.

This study is very thought-provoking, because it gives life meaning, and everyday life becomes more intriguing.

It puts the responsibility on us to comprehend the magnitude of our decisions and our discipline level at small, non-critical scenarios that happen to us constantly, and places the triumph of our lives particularly in those moments.

Another way to use this fact to our advantage is to understand that you must work hard towards key moments and set up these moments throughout the year. If you do that, it’s nearly guaranteed that you will have opportunities for major change.

A friend of mine does just that. His business flow is built on a number of seasonal conferences that he makes sure to attend. Prior to arrival, he sets up dinners with key prospects and treats them to a good time. He builds the kind of relationships with them over the course of one evening that normally take years of nourishment and dedication to achieve in the normal flow of business.

It’s very difficult to change your mindset into this type of mentality, where you boil life down to selective hours of epic importance, but it’s something that you must learn to do.

In fact, think about Apple Inc., prior to the IPod – it was one product that catapulted them into stardom.

Michael Jordan had made one major basket in the NCAA finals, and that made a national sensation out of him.

George Soros had made one large and leveraged bet against the Bank of England that netted him over a billion dollars.

Looking back at my life, I realize that the most life-changing moments I experienced have a common thread: they are all moments of extreme confidence where new relationships have been formed.

In fact, my personal belief is that the fastest way to advance in life is to have a magnetic personality. That’s why I feel that my personality ultimately determines the bulk of my results throughout life, and I work on it daily.

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