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GAME, SET, MATCH: Silver Bidding FRENZY!

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

GAME, SET, MATCH: Silver Bidding FRENZY!

Jan 1, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

The Federal Reserve is shamelessly lying. It isn’t the first time, either. Since the secretive meeting on Jekyll Island, the Georgia vacation home of America’s powerbrokers 100 years ago took place, which birthed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, utilizing the Christmas period to sneak it in like a devil, when congress was, mostly, on holiday, the U.S. has been under its unconstitutional influence.

Members of Congress, who protested it, over the years, were silenced, murdered, or removed from office in the early years. This entity has become so ingrained in the fate of the global financial system that even with public outrage and ceaseless committees, aimed at auditing and abolishing the FED, nothing has been done.

Secrecy is one of the FED’s ultimate weapons. Its stock ownership has been the subject of countless conspiracies, with origins to the royal banking families of Europe, namely the Rothschild dynasty, the Warburg family, and others.

Before this market panic that occurred in the past two months, the FED planned on four rate hikes in 2019. President Trump slammed this plan with public criticism and investors showed their opinion of it by moving to cash and bonds, so the FED altered the 2019 plan to include only two hikes.

After being deemed the heroes of the economic recovery in the U.S., the last thing they want is the entire spotlight zoomed in on them, blaming their policy mistakes for a recession.

The market is calling BULLSHIT on the central bank’s latest announcement of two hikes in 2019. The new consensus is that the FED will not raise rates even once.

There’s a MAJOR squeeze going on because the U.S. economy is running at full capacity right now, which means (1) inflation will keep ticking higher (currently 2.1%) and (2) interest rates aren’t going much higher.

This means that, just like in 2016, real rates will go back to negative territory. This is the exact recipe that led to gold’s unbelievable rally that year.

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    People always deem the natural resource sector to be the most volatile, but the previous two months have shown that virtually any company could go under the gun and melt-down in freefall style. Giants, such as FAANG stocks are down 25%-40% in less than one calendar year, and there are strong businesses, with well-recognized brands under their belt, which have been slashed in half; even more than half.

    I want to share with you how making just two critical decisions during a person’s lifestyle can make the difference between financial slavery and financial freedom.

    GEICO is an insurance company, founded in 1936 by two individuals, who recognized a loophole in the insurance industry. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company that has made him rich and famous, owns the company outright since 1995, but it was his mentor, Benjamin Graham, who first laid eyes on it.

    It took the founders four years to turn the first profit in 1940. Eight years later, Graham, who hated insurance stocks, saw its value, by keeping an open mind, despite his prejudice and his initial gut inclinations.

    He stuck to the FACTS, rather than with his emotions.

    Here’s the bottom line for Benjamin Graham’s 25-yr investment in GEICO: his original $712,000 in 1948 had ballooned to $400,000,000. This is not a typo.

    He made his shareholders and himself over 500-fold returns. That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $5,000,000. GEICO’s low-cost advantage was their crown jewel competitive angle. No one could match it.

    But, then came the 1970s, when inflation raged. By 1974, this fortress company was suffering. The government had changed key regulations that made GEICO’s business less powerful and their management overreacted. Mistakes were made.

    The Company’s shares, which had traded as high as $61 in 1972 and $42 in 1974, were down to just under $5. By 1976 the stock was a little more than $2 per share, a 96.8% WIPEOUT!

    So, in 1976, GEICO replaced their CEO. A year later, after a major reorganization, it returned to profitability.

    Warren Buffett met with this new CEO when the company was about to become the biggest insurer ever to declare bankruptcy, and he began buying shares, since he was convinced that the new CEO was the right man for the job. Thirteen years later, in 1987, GEICO earned Buffett a 1,500% return.

    GEICO was near bankruptcy when Buffett saw value. Other investors were dumping shares at any price. No one thought to sit down with the CEO or to evaluate their customer’s loyalty, save for the greatest investor of all times, who understood that the problems were fixable.

    Being the lowest-cost auto insurer is such a valuable asset that all it needs is the right management and favorable business conditions to unlock its TRUE potential.

    Next, in 1985, came another major opportunity. Coca-Cola did what has been called the “Worst Marketing Mistake Ever.”

    After losing customers to rival, Pepsi, in the early 1980s, Coke executives spent tens of millions of dollars figuring out how to win the beverage race.

    The result was “New Coke.” If you haven’t heard about it, it’s because they canceled it almost immediately, as consumers opposed the new taste, protesting to management to bring back the original bottles and flavor.

    You see, Coca-Cola’s daily drinkers were so loyal to their favorite beverage and in love with it that hotlines were opened throughout the country, support groups emerged, and management understood just how valuable their tried and tested drink really was.

    Two years later, in October 1987, when the markets suffered from the infamous “Black Monday,” Warren started gobbling-up every Coke share he was able to bid for.

    It became his greatest investment in a publicly-traded company.

    He makes an obscene amount of money every year on dividends alone.

    In both cases, enormous mistakes were made, but the ASSETS were so good that the companies were able to overcome setbacks and become world-dominators.

    I’ve found a company just like that. It is a mining stock, which has gone down, top to bottom, nearly 84%. In 2018 alone, it was down more than 60.5%. 

    In the same way that Warren Buffett was able to broker a meeting with GEICO’s new CEO, back in 1976, getting to the bottom of the situation and understanding the deep value of GEICO’s assets and low-cost advantage, so have I met this company’s founder for a 1-on-1 meeting, which has made me realize that, from today’s prices, doubling my money is remarkably probable.

    The market is worried about this company’s future, so much so that the entire market cap is trading at HALF the value of its flagship project!

    Unlike GEICO, it isn’t losing money and has $6M cash in the bank right now. It also can raise money, if it wanted to or sell any of its other 15, non-core assets to get more cash into its coffers.

    Its management team is brilliant. In fact, the company’s founder is the best company-builder in this sector, bar none.

    Unlike Coca-Cola’s mistakes with misjudging its customers’ wishes, this company has changed its strategy wisely, adapting to varying industry environments, yet its shareholders have, for the most part, given up on it.

    This is a classic Warren Buffett investment. It’s, obviously, far too small for the Oracle of Omaha to get involved, but it’s perfect for us.

    All the analysts covering it have given price targets that are 500%-600% higher than the current price, but before we look that far, I believe it has immense potential to make a quick, swift, and violent 100% rally.

    All it would need to do is reassure shareholders that their basic concerns are way overblown and the bid could catch fire immediately.

    I’m going to make this the first company we profile this year and will publish all the data on it ASAP.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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