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The smart cats that graduate from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and other prestigious universities have been trying for years – even decades – to figure out how to replicate the market performance of Warren Buffett. They’re also attempting to create systems, quants, bots, and other strategies to beat Ray Dalio and other top money managers, but it’s insanely difficult.

Would-be poets read Shakespeare in order to tap into his genius. Would-be actors in drama classes work tirelessly to reenact Pacino’s greatest scenes, but the truth is that the best way to achieve massive results and extraordinary breakthroughs is achieved in an altogether different manner than by copying the original.

Warren Buffett began his career by emulating his own teacher, Benjamin Graham, and quickly noticed that while his mentor’s system worked during the Great Depression, it wasn’t realistic in the 1960s any longer.

Had Buffett stayed on Wall Street underneath the wings of Graham, there would never have been a Berkshire Hathaway. Instead, spanning one office floor in an old Omaha, Nebraska building, Buffett sits alone and THINKS about investments for over 55 years.

Shakespeare sat alone and THOUGHT about love and tragedy as well.

The greatest actors take an unbelievable amount of time to meditate about their characters, to get into their mindset, and THINK about how to embody them and stay true to their depictions.

Isolating one’s self from group think – freeing-up from the need to be liked, to be gratified by others, or to get validated by possessing popular ideas – is key to life-long success.

I can truly say this is a source of happiness in my own life. Every passing day, I spend at least one hour thinking broadly about my life, the future, and the present. I call it “Tough Decisions Hour”, and its sole purpose is to block out all noises, any external limitations the world throws at me, and to make definitive calls, to generate ideas, and to rule out forces that the brainwashed population – untrained for success – is pushing on us to dumb us down.

These could be our own family members (that’s a big one), friends, co-workers, the media; anyone and everyone.

Buffett’s ability to be a contrarian in the markets stems from the fact that he has isolated the garden of his mind from the weeds of the herd. No one disturbs him in Nebraska. He hardly has visitors or meetings.

I want you to do the same as these great thinkers do; to strive at independence, unrestrictive state of being. A new Shakespeare will not spring up by studying Shakespeare, but only by THINKING Shakespearian thoughts.

Delete your hard drive. It’s a brand-new month, a new quarter even. Refresh your entire thought process by cutting ties with all the baggage.

I’ve just set 2 major personal goals for April 1st, 2020. Do the same on your end. Get the blood flowing and live as if you’re possessed, like there is NO TIME for obstructions or obstacles.

Prove to yourself that neither heredity, circumstances, a miserable starting point, lack of education or any other concrete wall you must climb, don’t stand in the way between you and RESULTS.

Value your time alone with yourself and treat it as your springboard, as your daily rejuvenation.

Truly, when I read the biographies and the life stories of serially successful individuals, I find that the most important visible trait is SELF-COMFORT. They are at ease with themselves, at peace with their hearts and in their psyche.

Strive for that because it is a source of happiness. The only person you will have to speak with from cradle to grave is yourself – and you should make that relationship golden.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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