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The BULLSHIT is finally reaching the mainstream. For the past 2-3 weeks, YouTube has been TAKING DOWN a substantial amount of content from LEGITIMATE channels, who have ventured into CONSPIRATORIAL, sensitive-type debates with guests, which typically do not appear on mainstream platforms. The lines between mainstream and alternative are getting blurry.

The point is that the public is waking up, and it’s INTERESTING TO WATCH from the sidelines, since we’ve known for many years that propaganda is real and that billions are spent on “selling” ideas to the herd. But now, right in front of our eyes, many people who never used to care about GOVERNMENT TYRANNY, China’s cover-up culture, vaccinations, money printing, deficit spending, the surveillance state and other CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS, are taking an in-depth look at them.

People are CALLING BULLSHIT on official government data and on the so-called experts, and are searching online for ways to cross-triangulate various uncorrelated sources in order to GET TO THE TRUTH, unbiased and unfiltered.

I love it and it actually explains many of the CONFUSING REPORTS we’re seeing in the trenches.

For example, look at the number of people who think that STOCKS WILL BE HIGHER NEXT YEAR:


The market veterans are WAITING for the shakeout, after Q2 stats come out, saying the retail public is DISGUSTED WITH STOCKS. The billionaire claim that sentiment MUST be horrible before they will turn bullish, but these MARKET DINOSAURS fail to read what the masses are truly saying here – but WE’RE NOT CONFUSED by this poll and I’ll explain why average Americans are surveyed and express bullishness.

When the general public was asked about housing prices, their answers WEREN’T BULLISH at all. That’s the point; Americans now understand how propping up stocks works. They realize that the Federal Reserve’s actions create artificially-high prices in the stock market, but it DOESN’T MEAN that they’re actually chasing prices higher; they’re just AWARE of the shenanigans.

I know many people that are telling me that with this entire stimulus money regime, stocks are bound to RESUME CLIMBING, but in the same breath, they’re telling me they WANT NOTHING to do with them.

In other words, the general population UNDERSTANDS that stock market prices are DECOUPLED from reality.

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    America’s hedge fund managers are SEDATED, not getting a grip on reality on the ground. They’re waiting for the public to LOSE FAITH in the American economic machine, not realizing that most have already!

    This BULLISHNESS on stocks, while at the same time being bearish on housing shows that Americans have THROWN IN THE TOWEL on trying to figure out how stocks behave, since they believe they’re rigged and MANIPULATED anyway.

    This isn’t a good sign for free markets.


    As you can see, the DATA PUBLISHED in the matter of CPI, which measures prices and inflation, has FALLEN OFF A CLIFF, but what you must know is that CONSUMERS, who comprise 70% of America’s GDP, are now expecting prices to RISE SHARPLY in the next 12 months.

    In other words, it seems the CONSENSUS is that prices are now lower than normal, since businesses are TRYING TO STAY AFLOAT, so in one year, they’ll be much higher.

    Inflationary expectations are the PRIMARY DRIVER of inflation; WE create money velocity, not the Federal Reserve.

    This is the reason gold is trading above $1,700/ounce and is on its way to $1,800 IN NO-TIME – the public is GETTING READY for prices to climb, which puts pressure on people to spend now. Even my own wife is rushing me to purchase things now, before distress dissolves. IT’S REAL!

    Wheaton Precious Metals, one of my FIRST-EVER holdings when I started investing in precious metals companies, is a stock that we’ve featured SEVERAL TIMES in the past, and it’s FLARING-UP right now!

    Whenever I mention this business, I give COMPLIMENTS to CEO Randy Smallwood, who is a BRILLIANT BUSINESSMAN. He has made each shareholder who has ever placed money with him a POSITIVE RETURN, if one held until today.

    The stock is up over 300% since 2016 and trading WITHIN INCHES of its all-time high!

    It’s one of the BIGGEST WINNERS we’ve ever profiled and is an indication that the gold sector is BOOMING!

    WPM is in the royalty streaming business, which could be the greatest PROFIT MODEL ever devised by man. For its $20B market cap, the company has about 35 employees!

    The stock price has doubled since the MARCH LOWS, so my point is not that this is a bargain, but that it’s a WINNING TRADE and a barometer for the entire industry.

    In the coming days and weeks, I will also UPDATE on several other companies we’ve profiled as well as on the progress they’ve made.

    Gold is in a BULL MARKET; if these consumers’ inflationary expectations persist, you’ll see the ENTIRE SECTOR light up – stocks that you thought WERE DEAD will be resurrected, and the tailwind will be STRONG like an Oklahoma tornado, blowing through your wooden house.


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