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PERFECT Entry Point: My No.1 Crypto 2018!

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PERFECT Entry Point: My No.1 Crypto 2018!

Jan 19, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

The entire cryptocurrency arena is under fire right now. It’s a war zone out there. Many people throughout 2017 were cocky and pretentious enough to start comparing Bitcoin to gold.

I vividly remember how many declared death on precious metals, deeming them unmodern.

Wealth Research Group views the word cryptocurrency as misleading, like I told RT TV, the international Russian station, in an interview recorded yesterday.

Russia Today (RT) is one of the best TV channels in the world because they’re not afraid to ask the tough questions, which are politically incorrect. They appeal to a sophisticated crowd who won’t listen to propaganda (CNN, FOX, ETC…) anymore – their listeners want real news and the hard, unfiltered truth.

The past two days have seen cryptocurrencies slaughtered, mostly because of the threat of government crackdowns.

China is leading the crusade and is pursuing a shutdown of all exchanges and mining operations in the country.

The RT TV host asked me about both the governmental efforts around the globe to stem operators from growing without regulations and supervision and the immense correction in price, which reached over 50% for some projects.

First, it is truly important to wrap your head around the fact that cryptocurrencies are not currencies at all – they are technologically innovative businesses, which aim to solve real-world problems. The ones that will be able to program and develop their use-case to a point of mass adoption will flourish and make token holders (users of the coins issued) into millionaires, as they’ve done thus far.

Only a small fraction of the projects are designed to act as currencies and they have a long way to go before becoming viable for the general population – that’s why the Cryptocurrency actually only applies for a few of the projects, while the rest should be called Blockchain-Based Tech Start-Ups.

From here on, you’ll see a constant back and forth of over exaggerated fears that cause these sell-offs, and on the flip side, too much euphoria that produces immense one-day gains. Neither is good.

Our planet is divided into sovereign countries, all of which have permanent citizens and residents. Each country has its own tax laws and business environments, but along came blockchain and transcended borders to create a digital universe.

In theory, it is the government’s role to protect borders on land and sea, and from the air, but in the past 30 years, it has also been dealing with digital attacks. There’s no doubt in my mind that, as a politician, cryptocurrencies disrupt the ability of the government to do its role, but I don’t trust the government and never have.

To me, it seems more likely that the people behind the scenes, what many call the deep state, are looking to exercise more control, as always, and don’t want to see decentralized, anonymous projects flourish, after they’ve worked so long to build tools that spy on us 24/7.

Blockchain technology is the future. The anarchists among us will have to become realists and understand that in order for this industry to progress with less friction and more efficiency, they’ll have to sit down at the negotiating table, with the authorities, and bridge the current gaps.

Crypto entrepreneurs will come to the bargaining table from a position of power since governments really can’t stop a global phenomenon as broad as this.

The real news here is that now all leading projects are about 50% cheaper than two days ago and that is a buying opportunity.

I am now closely examining the trading action with our No.1 cryptocurrency pick for 2018. Wealth Research Group will release the full details on it one week from today.

Between now and then, I am personally focused on a top priority project, which I’ll share with you in detail this coming Sunday.

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