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Sustained Health Mastery: Success Nourishment

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Sustained Health Mastery: Success Nourishment

Oct 22, 2016 | Personal Finance

Sustained Health Mastery: Success Nourishment

In this series, we covered 14 success principles that are vital for a life of continued achievement. Parts 1-14 can be viewed here.

None of them would mean anything without this critical piece of the puzzle. Rich and poor, all people value one thing above all else: sound physical and mental health.

To be a health master, two prerequisites are to be agreed upon:
* The body and the mind are connected to each other.
* Both are connected with nature.

Mastering health and success nourishment depends upon the understanding that we live as part of a greater whole.

Waves of Success

Life depends upon adjusting yourself to the fluctuations of everyday living. It is like ocean waves: sometimes they are massive and relentless, other times calm and relaxing, but always beautiful and interesting. Life is dynamic, evolving and changing. If you hope to maintain sound health and longevity, learn how to bend and sway with the rhythms of life.

Habits to Live By

  1. Follow work with play: this is an important part of business – learning to unwind.
  2. Follow mental effort with physical effort: your physical body and your thought need exercise.
  3. Follow seriousness with humor – the recipe for fun is this combination.

Your mind, consciously, should be rested and relaxed for true inspiration and an imaginative flow of ideas to flourish.

How Thinking Affects the Body

We are, fortunately, thinking creatures. This is a magnificent power, but it comes with limitless responsibility over your own life and well-being. Remember, no matter what you read from now on, this is the only truth: thinking does heal the body by way of gratitude.

Release your inner force by being grateful, and feel how your health improves quickly and permanently.

My Keys for Happiness and Peace of Mind

I can only say that these have definitely done miracles in my life, and you should test drive them in yours. The first thing is getting organized and focused. When I know my tasks and my goals, I am at ease, as I know I am in charge of my actions. One cannot control the results, but can certainly make sure of the direction. Secondly, and this is something I have found to be my most important essential for happiness, is learning from defeat. The day I concluded that defeat is a sign of progress was a day that changed my life.

Finally, in order to truly allow yourself peace of mind, don’t underestimate the power of taking things under proportion. Always ask “is this so bad?” and “what can be the worst case scenario?” Then, on the spot, devise an action plan for that contingency and move on. That’s it. You are organized in case it happens.

Remember, it’s not just fun to be calm and satisfied, but being the opposite pushes away friends, produces unnecessary anxiety, and blocks your creativity and forms diseases in the body.

The Worst Enemy of Success Nourishment

Fear is your greatest enemy. It poisons your body, mind, and soul, and it is absolutely essential you learn to tame your greatest fears: poverty, death, social acceptance and criticism, old age, and loss of love.

Here, your greatest ally is you. It is you who must use Controlled Optimism and champion these inner forces that exist, when you boil it down, between your ears alone, and not anywhere else.

Nourishing the Body

Our body is a machine. The purpose of food is to supply that machine with the nutrients it needs for maintenance and longevity. This is the sole purpose of foods.

The digestive system is a factory, and the supply chain must be rigorous. Give your body what’s proven to work for it. Some foods taste better than others, but it’s beside the point. Our body needs vegetables and fruits more than any other group. Complex carbohydrates are next, and their purpose is to produce available energy. Proteins, the building blocks, are important in smaller quantities. Some forms of fats, such as those that are in avocados, nuts, and almonds provide the body with essentials.

Your body doesn’t require sweets to run, or any deep-fried foods. Find other forms of sensual pleasures, because this habit of eating unhealthy food is slowly killing you.

Finally, seek variety here. Taste is a habit. You may, like me, not like broccoli at first, but after a number of months, well, it gets better…

Two things that are a must:
Sleep: The body rebuilds and recharges itself in your sleep. It is simply not to be messed around with. If you want to see how quickly your performance deteriorates, deprive the body of sleep and see for yourself. Oversleeping is not productive, either. 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, with fresh air coming in, total darkness, and no electronic devices are ideal.

2. Exercise: Life is short and fragile. We have one heart, and it beats more than 3,000,000,000 times if you plan to be 80 years old. That’s why it needs to be in good condition, but not over-worked. Make sure you do aerobic training 3 times a week, for a duration of at least 30 minutes, and not marathons without cease or, the opposite, not do anything at all.

Exercise also boosts confidence levels and helps with relaxing and enjoying.

Finally, to be truly healthy, one must have love. Spending time with family and friends is such an important part of life, and the greatest of all friends is your genuine love – your spouse.

Live life to the fullest, or as we say at Wealth Research Group, Full Throttle Living.

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