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Oct 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

Regardless of where you live and what you do, technology rules our lives in the twenty-first century. This is true in our workaday lives but also in our investing strategies: for real gains that you can bank on, the bedrock of any modern portfolio has to be the tech sector. Technology stocks outperform other market sectors year after year, and if that’s not the foundation of your investment portfolio, frankly, you’re missing out.

Navigating the tech sector is something that seasoned market analysts, like the ones on our staff at Wealth Research Group, have down to a science: the best market technicians know how to spot trends and subsector rotations within the technology space and anticipate these moves for maximum profit.

Getting into the right part of the technology ecosystem means conducting deep research, which is exactly what we do; our superior gains are the direct result of identifying the absolute best stocks in the hottest sectors in the tech space. What our research department is seeing in the current market environment is a big shift into the AI space – I’m referring to artificial intelligence, otherwise known as machine learning.

Just recently, we located research projecting that artificial intelligence will contribute an additional 1.2% to annual U.S. GDP growth for at least the next decade; furthermore, 70% of companies will adopt at least one form of AI by 2030, and AI will deliver $13 trillion in additional global economic activity by that same year.

As an investor, do you really want to be sitting on your hands while so much capital is flowing into this one single subsector of the economy? To get a feel for how much money is flowing into the AI market, take a look at the chart below:

Courtesy of Inkwood Research

It looks like a plane heading down the runway, ready for takeoff – and that’s the best way to describe the current state of the AI market. It’s a global phenomenon, with North America in the lead position but Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world is also incorporating machine learning into their businesses and their day-to-day lives.

So, what’s coming down the AI pipeline, and how can investors capitalize on this far-reaching machine-learning movement? Wealth Research Group is actually ready to unveil this one particular company that’s extremely undervalued but won’t stay that way for much longer. It’s a company called Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE, OTC: LVVEF), and the stock is tailor-made for the AI revolution.

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    Founder and CEO Anthony Lacavera’s team at Globalive has literally over 100 years of collective experience in the AI and related technology fields, and have closed over 200 transactions in the tech space. As for Mr. Lacavera himself, he’s made over 100 venture and private equity investments in the past 15 years – and he famously founded WIND Mobile, Canada’s fourth-largest wireless carrier.

    Anthony Lacavera’s vision for Globalive is to lead the AI space by targeting the pillars of the economy that are primed for disruption:

    Courtesy of Globalive Investor Presentation

    Each and every one of these industries are ready for Globalive to step in and mark their territory as an early mover in AI: healthcare, manufacturing, media and marketing, logistics, financial services, and tech platforms are in dire need of machine-learning solutions, which is precisely what Globalive will provide for them.

    To accomplish this, Anthony Lacavera and Globalive are using joint-venture partnerships to leverage the strengths of already established companies. Just two examples would be Globalive’s joint venture with AI-enabled IoT software company Eigen Innovations to develop blockchain technology for increasing assembly-line efficiency; as well as Globalive’s business partnership with news technology platform VIDL, which uses AI and blockchain technology to report accurate global news events and incidents in an automated, real-time manner.

    When you invest in Globalive Technology and shares of LIVE/LVVEF, you’re taking a ride to the top with Anthony Lacavera as he irreversibly disrupts the tech space. Take a tip from Wealth Research Group: you can turbo-charge your portfolio today with Globalive in what will undoubtedly become the AI play of the decade.

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