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Why 98% of People Die Without Fulfilling Their Dreams

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Why 98% of People Die Without Fulfilling Their Dreams

Jul 17, 2016 | Personal Finance

Unfulfilled DreamsIt is one of the cruelest facts I have ever encountered, yet it is absolutely accurate. When I first learned this, it seemed impossible to agree with, but the more I see the world, the more this fact becomes apparently true. The reason this fact is true is even more shocking.

The day I really understood why people don’t achieve most of their dreams was the starting point of my personal road to riches and achievements. It was an important day for me, since my conclusion was that I am part of the “98% club.” There is nothing great about being members of this club.

The admission cost is extremely high: you don’t get to realize the biggest goals you have. You disappoint your family and loved ones, and the worst thing is you die with a sense of regret – I can’t think of a worse fate.

I was 22 when I realized I have been a member of the “98% club” my entire life, and I am very grateful that I have the rest of my life to make up for lost time. In my view, at every second of our lives, we are either moving closer to our goals or getting away from them. If you want to become part of the 2%, you don’t need to possess any special skills that no one else has, and you don’t need any specific degrees or inheritance. The steps are few and simple. Today, we cover the first of 17 principles to live by. Once they become habitual for you, success and achievements will be secured in any endeavor you choose to dedicate yourself to.

All people are created very similarly when it comes to their subconscious mind. The subconscious is what dictates most of our actions. It is designed to act through the power of habits, without our conscious thinking. That is a good thing. It is in charge of all bodily activities, including animating our heart, of course. It also acts intuitively when danger occurs. This has brought the human race through thousands of years of rough conditions. We can refer to the subconscious like a racing car – it is super powerful and can perform any maneuver the driver instructs it to do. The driver is the conscious mind – you. That is where no two people are alike. We have all been given racing cars to drive as best we can, but we must improve our driving skills, so to speak.

I believe it is a great sin that so much emphasis is stressed on too many irrelevant subjects and too little is placed in teaching us how to train our conscious minds to instruct the all-powerful subconscious.

If you want to take charge of your destiny and truly make life do your bidding, the basic premise is to realize that this is how we are designed. Our subconscious is already all-powerful, so you have nothing to do but live in a certain way that dictates success. That way is to become a man of definite goals.

If you want to succeed from this day forward in anything you do, there must be a clear, definite purpose, backed by the faith that it is possible and have the will to act.

When you become obsessed with achieving a goal, your conscious mind will begin to specialize in that subject, and it is only specialization that the marketplace pays a premium for. Intel, for example, manufactures only chips, and that’s why their products have a premium price. Next, your time and money will be directed to achieve your goals, and time and money will be budgeted without fail. You will be very aware of time wasters. Opportunities to advance will be much more apparent to you, and you will seize them faster and with more resolve. You will become alert to opportunities. This is an amazing experience. Ideas just flow to you. I was astounded by this. For me, the most noticeable change was the way others started to treat me. What really stood out was the cooperation I started receiving.

As with anything, success leads to confidence, and further success is achieved.

Here are your first steps:

  1. Take the time now to create a definite goal in the following fields:health, family, business, friends, hobbies.
  2. Write that plan, and begin to contemplate what actions must be taken immediately.
  3. Go forward with all the resolve you can find within.

The second part of this series will help you to begin the process of acting on your plan. Make sure you fulfill these three action steps before then.

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