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Brokerages PREVENT YOU FROM PROFITING: Jason Bodner’s Stunning Exposé

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Brokerages PREVENT YOU FROM PROFITING: Jason Bodner’s Stunning Exposé

by | Personal Finance

Here’s a startling fact: while the most successful investors like Warren Buffett hold stocks for many years, the typical retail investor holds a stock for less than six months. We have to wonder, then, why do highly profitable institutional investors treat their investments like long-term businesses, while most individuals underperform with short-term, speculative strategies?

For an insider’s view on how this could happen, Wealth Research Group spoke with Jason Bodner from Founded by Jason and Lucas Downey, finds the leading stocks of tomorrow based on unusual institutional activity today (the MAP in MAPsignals stands for Macro Analytics for Professionals). opened its doors as a business in July of 2014. Since then, they have been providing top-class quantitative research on the best stocks likely being accumulated by big institutions in an unusual way. The team has been providing the top leading stocks to their clients consistently in one form or another since 2007.

Previously, Jason Bodner was a contributor to Navellier & Associates, Inc., where he wrote Sector Spotlight in the weekly Market Mail publication and authored several white papers. Mr. Bodner also served as Director of European Equity Derivatives for Cantor Fitzgerald Europe in London, and then moved to the role of Head of Equity Derivatives North America for Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. in New York.

Courtesy: Jason Bodner

Mr. Bodner has also served as Senior Vice President of Equity Derivatives for Jefferies, LLC. Jason received a B.S. in Business Administration in 1996 with Honors from Skidmore College as a member of the Periclean Honors Society.

Wanting to better understand why the investing public isn’t learning from Warren Buffett and institutional investors’ more successful long-term strategies, Wealth Research Group interviewed Mr. Bodner to get his perspective on what could be causing most retail investors to consistently underperform.

The truth about why the public isn’t learning from Warren Buffett, according to Jason Bodner, is because the major brokerage houses do not make money unless people are trading. The more their clients trade, the more commissions they earn.

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    The brokers actually want individual traders and investors to become addicted to news headlines and the talking heads on television news programs, according to Jason Bodner. They want retail traders to be hanging on every word and making their investing decisions on a daily basis, as the brokerage houses make more money when individual investors engage in this type of behavior.

    And so you’ve got people hanging on the words of the traditional news media, and it’s not to the benefit of the investing public. According to Jason Bodner, it’s in the industry’s interest to have retail traders churn their positions constantly, as this behavior creates more volume for the brokers, the exchanges, and everyone else down the line that profits from this type of investing behavior.

    Courtesy: Jason Bodner

    This, according to Jason Bodner, is in stark contrast to ultra-successful investor Warren Buffett, who focuses on buying and holding companies with moats and unique businesses – highly profitable companies with dominating positions in the landscape.

    Unique business models, economic moats, and long-term viability are what great investors like Warren Buffett focus on, according to Jason Bodner. Instead of letting the brokers and the mainstream media (who have their own agendas) sway your investing decisions, it’s much better to be like Buffett and invest in great companies that offer superior long-term value.

    Speaking with Jason Bodner provided many important insights into the world of finance and how to succeed as an investor, so don’t miss our full, exclusive interview. We also advise that you visit for more information on how Mr. Bodner can help you to maximize your returns by picking leading stocks based on unusual institutional activity.

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