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Dig Yourself Out of Poverty Like This

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Personal Finance

Dig Yourself Out of Poverty Like This

Jan 7, 2017 | Personal Finance

The growth of income inequality is a hot topic around the globe, and the top 1% of society is receiving a lot of attention today.

I want you to make sure that you’re among those who others talk about!

Being rich and wealthy is exactly what you want to be, but not for beastly reasons, like dining without cease, buying 20 cars that you never drive, or showing off.

Becoming wealthy requires specific knowledge.

You want to become rich so you can live a well-balanced life, which includes time to travel, read quality books, educate your children, and hang out with friends. Of course, time to grow mentally and develop as a human being are also on the list.

This is within your reach, and I believe that becoming a subscriber for 5 years will ingrain within you such positive wealth principles that nothing could deter you from achieving your goals.

Today, I want to show you three Ultra-Advanced Wealth Principles. You can implement one of these now, without a second of delay, and see how opportunities appear and doors open up. The second is for creative entrepreneurs with a sense of adventure. A third, which will surprise most, is one that you will love.

Eight men own as much wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up for the poorest in the world, and one in ten people survive on less than $2 per day.

An income of $32,400 a year will allow you to make the cut, and if you earn this much, then you fall well within the top 1% worldwide.

Millions of Americans belong to the 1%. It’s a reminder of just how prosperous developed countries are compared to the vast majority of other people who share our planet.

The top 1% of the world’s wealthy own more than 50% of global wealth. Though location plays a big part, there are rich people everywhere, and from all walks of life.

The threshold is significantly higher if you look at the top 1% by wealth, instead of income. To reach that status, you’d have to possess $770,000 in net worth, which includes everything from the equity in your home to the value of your investments.

If you’re not there yet, make it your immediate goal to surpass $1,000,000 as soon as possible. There’s true satisfaction in cracking through that ceiling – my wife and I celebrated that milestone by giving away $10,000 to an organization that helps children learn how to read and write where there are no school systems.

Looking at America, citizens rank extremely high in terms of household wages, but not as high when it comes to median wealth. This is a rare anomaly that is made possible due to the reserve currency status.

U.S. consumers rely on credit more than anyone else. The typical U.S. household carries an insane $134,643 in debt.

The bar to enter the top 1% wouldn’t be this low ($32,400) were it not for the extreme poverty that so much of the globe endures. For example, an adult in India has a median wealth of $608 total. The average wealth of adults in Africa is even lower, at just $411.

Compare that to the wealth of $49,460 for the average adult living in North America and $11,319 for Europeans. The average wealth of the U.S. wealthy is $344,692 per adult – this shows how much the few on top have, not just in the U.S., but globally.

You’d have to make $450,000 in adjusted gross income and own net assets of more than $7 million to make the 1% cut in the U.S.

This can definitely be you, but it requires growing as a human being – investing won’t be enough. Your career must be your highest priority for now. Investing is the added “juice.”

Here are 3 Ultra-Advanced Wealth Strategies:

1. Gratitude: If you still subscribe to the business mentality of the great industrialists — Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller — know that these three were materially rich, but never wealthy as human beings. Their sheer passion for money distorted everything else in their lives and they died dissatisfied.

The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, so it tends to become the best. It takes the form or character of the best and will receive the best.

It costs you nothing and delivers everything. Many people who order their lives right in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. Without gratitude, you cannot keep from dissatisfied thoughts regarding things as they are.

Start being grateful as a matter of habit and you’ll see how life changes and have fun.

2. Global Income: As you saw earlier, there is a total disparity between the rich nations and the poor ones. Building a business or career in which location plays no part will allow you to live like a billionaire with an average salary.

My good friend has developed online food ordering software and earns $7,000 per month. He and his family split their time between the far east, Central America, and eastern Europe, and they live a life of luxury. To live like a king in these countries, $3,000 is more than enough for a family.

Personally, my wife, my baby daughter, and I spend our time between 5-6 different countries every year.

3. Thought and Appreciation Days: This is one of my lethal weapons, and it happens to be a key wealth driver for many billionaires. In fact, less people today see resting and allowing your mind to play as “downtime.” Throughout the 20th century, people overworked themselves, and it is common practice today. You can stop this madness in your own life.

Archimedes, the legendary Greek mathematician, was struggling with a problem for months. His friend, noticing his dismay, suggested he take a long bath and allow his mind to rest while the imagination silently creates ideas.

The famous shout “eureka” comes from Archimedes’ thrill as he solved this mathematical issue while in the bath – a discovery we still rely on today.

Take time off, do not think about business or investments at all, and you will find that ideas come to you.

My strategy includes actually planning those times so that they don’t turn into laziness or procrastination.

You can become wealthy in 5-7 years, and with the information you receive from Wealth Research Group in the coming years, my goal is that you will be part of the 1% and use your wealth for good.

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