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Your Goals Are Merely Dreams Without This Important Key

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Personal Finance

Your Goals Are Merely Dreams Without This Important Key

Jul 31, 2016 | Personal Finance

In Part 1 of this series, I stressed the difference between winners and the rest. In Part 2, I explained how to begin the quest of making your goals a living reality by organizing a plan of action.

Find Your TeamAfter you become obsessed with achieving a specific goal and have a detailed plan of action, the next important key is to convince people to help you. You are the visionary behind your business plan, but you have to analyze yourself and find your personal strengths. Anything that someone else can do better than you should be assigned to a specialist. When you begin your journey and hire the services of professionals or companies, one key attribute will determine whether or not you receive service that is above and beyond that of others. That key is immensely critical because other people can give you special attention and thorough complete assignments or they can give you their minimum. When you are building a business, you will require the extra mile from anyone involved or the competition will wipe you out.

The attribute that separates businesses that are charging forward full steam ahead and are crushing their competition is Company Culture, and the person in charge of it is you. The quality that is essential to nurture Company Culture is a Majestic Personality.

If you want other people to work together in harmony and be eager to give you their best every time you ask, then here are the characteristics of a majestic person:

  1. Flexibility – Avoid getting into arguments at all costs. Proceed with matters quickly and look past small issues. Adapt. Adapt. Adapt. Be a solution provider. This characteristic will make you better than anyone else at building long-term relationships.
  2. Decisiveness – Make sure to be quick at deciding once the facts are in front of you. This inspires the entire company and shows all parties that you are goal-oriented and pressing forward toward profitability and success. Do this by starting now with any decision you have to make. The more you make decisions and the more confidence you build, the stronger your brand and company culture will become. A friend of mine can only take on 4 clients a month – he refuses about 15 offers every quarter. His business does over $5MM a year. His decisiveness in choosing the right clients is paying off.
  3. Smile, listen attentively, and speak with authority – People are excited about working and communicating with patient listeners who are easy to be around and calm when speaking. Become a master of this and the world will become a paradise to you. The way to succeed with this is to remove the negative habit of worrying from your life. Successful people don’t have time for that. Instead, they are thinking about goals and use their flexibility to find new avenues for success all the time. Get rid of this habit. You will be glad you did.
  4. Tolerance – This is a big one. If you can become an open-minded person on the grandest scale, people will be addicted to you. A person who doesn’t judge or condemn is a rare sight, and by acting with respect to all people, you gain their ear and they will be there for you.

select-teamAbove all, remember that the one characteristic of all truly successful people is a positive mind and genuine fondness for people. There isn’t any better advice anyone can give you if your aim is to harness the full potential of others. Like them with sincerity.

You are now incredibly close to making a breakthrough since you have a clear goal, a mapped out plan, and the personality to back it up. When you begin on this path, some things will not go as planned. That’s when the 4th principle of success will come to your aid.

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