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The Ultimate Choice

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Personal Finance

The Ultimate Choice

Aug 28, 2016 | Personal Finance

TwoDoorsIf you read parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and have taken massive action, then this 7th part of the series will be your crowned jewel. It is by far the most important element of success in life, and it is entirely up to you.

Imagine that when you were born, you had the choice of 2 doors that lead to two separate rooms in front of you, with one revolving door that connects between them. One door has a sign overhanging that states “Bounties,” and the other has a sign stating “Punishments.” The 2 rooms are a bit visible to each other, so people in the “Bounties” room could definitely gaze and see a bit of what is happening in the “Punishments” room and vice versa.

The content of the “Bounties” room includes the attractive power of success, sound health of body and mind, financial riches, many great hobbies, peace of mind, a life without fears, and true friendships, among other bounties.

The “Penalties” room includes poverty and misery, many diseases, fear and worry, hatred of getting up in the morning, enemies, a feeling of victim-hood, and a wasted life.

I believe that we all would choose the “Bounties” room if we only knew that the consequence of not entering that door meant that we must enter the “Punishments” room. That is why the revolving door is there. Staying in your room is a constant, conscious choice as well, and if you don’t decide wholeheartedly to stay, you will be forced to use the revolving door and suffer. This is a wonderful freedom, since it puts the responsibility entirely upon the individual. Nothing is forced upon them. If they are in the “Punishments” room and choose to embrace the “Bounties” of life, the revolving door works just as well.

This is the ultimate choice in life, and each of us must make it. After deciding on one for a while, it becomes a habit, and is much harder to change. Our goal, then, is to form the habit of choosing “Bounties.” The key to opening the “Bounties” door and enjoying the benefits of it is the most important success principle of all, because without it, everything in life loses proportions and we are overwhelmed by negativity.

The key is called a Constructive Mindset, and it is the 8th principle of success. If you want to live life on your own terms, you must be constructive at all times. This gives you power, fortitude, and freedom that few ever get to experience. A Constructive Mindset is one that never blames, but always takes responsibility – that way the constructive person is forward-looking and searches for improvement and solutions, instead of looking at the past and who can be blamed for temporary setbacks. The constructive person is a victor and never the victim, by shutting himself off to the negative influences of others. He is in complete control of his ego. Constructive people are always looking for win-win scenarios and are driven by a positive attitude towards life. They look past people’s bad sides, and magnify their potential good sides.   

If you are looking to live an extraordinary life, like I am, here are a number of ways to be more constructive:

  • Find the hidden treasure of every misfortune you experience. Pain is the way we become smarter and better. It points to room for improvement. Make sure you seize the opportunity to look for the benefit. I was once part of an important business meeting. Halfway through it, my cellphone rang, and I answered. The person I was meeting told me that if I have more important things than what’s currently being discussed in the meeting, then he wants no part in doing business with me, and he left. This was a huge setback for me, as he was a potential whale client. I learned a very important lesson – to devote my attention entirely to the person in front of me. This experience changed the way I interact with my wife, and now I am completely phone-less when we are together.
  • Close your mind to past failures. They can’t be changed. Learn to use your past as a school, rather than a baseball bat, and you will become free.
  • Learn to complement, and do it often. This costs nothing, but pays big. It releases a force within you that allows you to build strong bonds and feel whole.
  • Find something you absolutely love doing, and do it! This sounds logical enough, but it took me many years to realize that I must put my passions in front of business, to an extent.
  • Break bad habits. You will feel extremely constructive, full of confidence, and have lots of energy. It will trickle into many other parts of your life. I used to shout. It was something I knew I wanted to stop doing, and I finally took action. It is a powerful thing to conquer yourself.
  • Price yourself highly. You will be surprised at how quickly others will look at you differently if you start to.
  • Don’t be afraid to express love to your spouse, family members, friends, and others. Be a giver and you will enjoy a long, fruitful life.
  • Lastly, be grateful and trust that solutions will always appear in due time. That way you are never impatient.

This is a demanding list, but if you do not act on it, you are dooming yourself to a life of punishment.

In your quest for long-lasting success, the underlying principle is to have a Constructive Mindset, and the bounties will immediately begin to appear. You are the one that needs to make the ultimate choice, and now you know how.

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