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Self-Governance: Shaping Your Mentality for Serial Achievement

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Self-Governance: Shaping Your Mentality for Serial Achievement

Sep 9, 2016 | Personal Finance

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This is the 9th article in our series of the 17 ultimate achievement principles. Every article is designed to take 15 minutes to read, so if you haven’t done so already, carve out one hour today and one hour tomorrow to study parts 1-8:

1. Major Life Goal
2. Wealth Team
3. Majestic Personality
4. Controlled Optimism
5. Limitless Execution
6. Inspired Action-Taking
7. Constructive Mindset
8. Inner Fire

This article is the one that ties all of your efforts together.

Self-Governance is like the throttle for your mind. When you apply it correctly, you will be like a jet plane, increasing and decreasing your power in exact moments for sustained success.

The primary use of Self-Governance is to control your positive and negative emotions.

Emotions are without a doubt the most challenging aspect to get under our control. People act on impulse their entire lives, and make serious mistakes as a consequence. Self-Governance will reverse that process and balance your emotions with your reasoning power. The combination will bring the best results. It’s up to you to increase the appropriate throttle: emotions or reason.

Here are four major aspects to get under control through Self-Governance:

1. A Major Purpose: A man doesn’t really live until he has a burning desire. Govern your passions, strengthen your resolve, and make the world bend to your terms by searching for win-wins in whatever endeavor you choose you take on.

2. Time: I know of no other aspect of life as important as this. People that waste time – for themselves or for others – must learn to govern this bad habit. Time is finite, no matter how much money you have. Use it wisely.

3. Constructive Mindset: Govern your thoughts. Make sure you always look at life as a school, and learn from mistakes. The road up is always open.

4. Appetite: Eat nourishing foods only. Food is fuel. Treat your body like a machine, and it will serve you well. Longevity is yours if you govern appetite.

Begin now and never look back. Self-Governance will build you up and make you an unstoppable achiever.

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